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    Best Tap Brand debate.

    This was a number of years ago so things could have changed. But I had a job of four pieces in the cheapest, nastiest 316 I’ve worked on. No extra material so I wasn’t gonna piss around and break a tap in these parts. Anyway, they had like 30 M3 tapped holes in each side. I ended tapping them by...
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    Right angle heads

    We actually suggested something like this for a job coming up. Need to drill and tap holes on the inside of a piece. Big enough we could fit in, so it wouldn’t be hard to make something with a bushing to stabilize a hand drill and do it manually. But they insisted on getting a custom super long...
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    Haas UMC 500 alternatives

    We are doing the same research right now. Haas was easily the cheapest. Our Doosan quote was $300k for the DVF4000. I was unimpressed the dealer automatically added 15k spindle, 40 tools, and TSC. Kitamura was only $10k more than the Doosan. YCM was $234k with a pretty loaded machine. So I...
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    SL20 Manual Chuck

    We ended up picking up a super low hour SL20 recently. We do R&D type stuff so the hydraulic chuck is feasible but not optimal to constantly make soft jaws for when we can dial in a 4-jaw quicker. Since Haas directly hasn't answered my question. And the local HFO is just passing the buck...
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    Which lathe to buy? New Doosan vs used Haas??

    I vote for the Haas. I don’t think most of the guys on this forum understand just how few machines there are up here. And you’re even worse off if you’re on the island. Buying sight unseen on a machine that you have to ship a great distance seems horrible to me. The Haas won’t be as strong as...
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    Colchester Chipmaster Anti-Vibration Pad

    The machine is in remarkably good shape but when I was changing the belts I noticed that I could separate the anti-vibration pads into multiple pieces. So first question is if this is normal or have these things separated from themselves? I don't mind having to replace the pads because they are...
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    Siemens 840D control copy and paste issue

    I can’t tell you any solution. I can say that I only move 600-800 lines of code at a time. But I usually create ShopMill programs and insert g-code bits into them. I have vague memories of being able to move more lines into EIA/ISO programs but it’s been so long I can’t give a definite answer...
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    Groove Micrometer OR Something Else?

    Finding myself needing to measure internal grooves. Or sometimes the length of a part but can’t get regular calipers or micrometer where I need it. Tolerances aren’t critical, the usual +- 0.005”. So what are you guys using these days? Still sticking with groove micrometer. Or digital depth...
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    Trouble Machining 0.035" Hole in 347 Stainless

    You could probably search for an answer, but I'll try to give you a quick an dirty answer since I'm busy. For getting the drill out... your kinda SOL. It takes some luck if you don't have access to something like an EDM. You need to use a tool harder than the drill you used - so carbide. A...
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    Big bore lathe comparison

    Take what I'm about to say with a grain of salt because I've never ran any of those machines. I'm just within the same province. I have a buddy that runs the maintenance department at a pretty big machine shop (also oilfield stuff). Every couple years I always bug him about his favorite...
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    Manual Vertical Rotary Surface Grinder

    Apparently you Americans call them Blanchard Grinders, I think. (They must have been a hell of a company to have their name automatically associated to a type of machine). I know someone looking for another one of these. They don't need anything fancy: manually operated, 15" table is fine...
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    modern day 13-14" Taiwanese lathes.

    We're kinda in the same boat as you. We haven't outgrown anything but 2 lathes are in need of repair... so we did some researching in case we need to just replace them. We also had a quote on that Modern. Our quote was $1000 higher interestingly (maybe you're closer to sea port). But that...
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    New Pratt Burnerd Quality?

    UPDATE FEBUARY 2019 Decided to go with Pratt Burnerd because they offered both the 3-jaw and 4-jaw in the sizes we wanted and offered the proper adapter-plates. Us or the supplier wouldn’t be sourcing from multiple vendors on products that may have to be modified to fit together (we’re already...
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    Fanuc 0i Mate-TC Face Roughing Problem

    Thanks for the responses guys. Changing the U to W worked. I have little experience with Fanuc controls so I just took what they printed in the manual as gospel... which happened to be wrong. I'm glad it was an easy fix.
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    Fanuc 0i Mate-TC Face Roughing Problem

    On our 2008 Schaublin 225 CNC lathe it appears that the face roughing cycle is not reading the U number for depth of cut. I have figured out I can change a number is system parameters so that the depth of cut is what I want it to be, but this is becoming tiresome when I have to do it before I...
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    New Pratt Burnerd Quality?

    Thanks for the responses guys. We actually just bought a Bison for a manual lathe. I don't run the machine but I'm the one that ordered the chuck and unpackaged it. And yes it does seem like a nice chuck... fit and finish is good, no sharp edges. Haven't tested run out. Maybe not one in a...
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    New Pratt Burnerd Quality?

    I've been looking through the site reading chuck reviews. Reading about companies moving off-shore and quality going downhill. So has anyone bought a Pratt Burnerd chuck in recent times? Are they still a quality product? We're looking for a couple of 6" chucks (3-jaw scroll and 4-jaw...
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    From what I've been seeing around Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Journeyman manuals are being advertised $30-35. CNC operators $18-25. Set-up/Programmers varies a lot $28-40. Most jobs are in the lower side, with a few outliers at the top. That being said, on a local Facebook group someone...
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    Drilling 304 Stainless

    Use stubby drill. You won't believe that difference that alone will make. Skip the 3/8" pilot. I've never found drilling pilot holes to be useful. I find the next size drill just wanders making noise. I'm preferential to Guhring drills (and taps). Mostly because my rep is amazing and gets back...
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    Quick Question on Fanuc Parts Counter

    What increases the part counter? Hitting M30 and M99 at the end of a program? Or pressing cycle start increase the number? I was just checking out one of our machines and it seems higher than I thought for a brand new machine. Thanks.