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    South Bend Rotary Table Question

    I have an RTB101 rotary indexing table in almost new condtion as shown on page 70 of the 1956 anniversary catalog. I bought as a collecters item but have nver and probably never will use it. Look me up if you're interested in buying. Thx!! Pete
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    Relocating the motor under a bench

    Wow. This looks great. It’ll be good inspiration. So, I now have chapters 10 and 11 of rebuild/restoration… where would I find chapters 1 thru 9? Thanks!!
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    Relocating the motor under a bench

    This is Exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for. My 9A is sitting on an old dresser with the motor mounted on the back. I'm considering various methods and options to replace the dresser with a steel cabinet or cast iron table and/or legs. Ultimately, I would like to migrate the motor down low...