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    Things to look out for and avoid when buying a used wire EDM

    I looking to expand the capabilities of my shop by adding a wire EDM. I don't have enough need for one to buy new but there's been a few times I've had to sub it out and I'm sure if I had one I'd find more use for one. I've been looking at late 90's early 2000's machines, I have very little...
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    Haas coolant chiller

    Was curious if anyone had a haas coolant chiller on there machine, and how they like it. Do you constantly have to mess with the manual adjustment to maintain a steady coolant temp?
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    Fanuc 21T screen issue or worse?

    I'm not sure what the MMC is, the control powers up. So one this machine the standard start up procedure after turning on control power you pull out the e stop (it comes out further then the normal operating position and that's normally when the spindle drive and cooling fan turn on) Cycle the...
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    Fanuc 21T screen issue or worse?

    Yeah I have all my parameters but unfortunately I don't have my 8000,9000 programs backed up. I'll look into punching out those Thanks for feedback
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    Fanuc 21T screen issue or worse?

    How do you clear the parameters, just unplug the battery while powered off? This machine hasn't been moved and I changed the battery a few months ago and it's still good.
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    Fanuc 21T screen issue or worse?

    That's my thoughts exactly. it won't turn on the spindle drive like it normally would, but I can manually close the contactors for the spindle drive and it turns on intell I'm not pushing on it anymore Does the cpu get operational feedback from the crt?
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    Fanuc 21T screen issue or worse?

    Anyone ever have this issue before? Power the machine up and all I get is 2 squiggly lines on the screen, drives won't kick on. Drive has a - in status, and on the cpu the first 2 status lights are on at power up which means it's not operating due to the occurrence of an error. 2nd alarm led...
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    Hitachi seiki hicell 23 encoder reset HELP

    just bumping this up in hopes of someone out there having any helpful info?
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    Hitachi seiki hicell 23 encoder reset HELP

    I recently bought a 1993 yasnac based Hitachi seiki hicell 23 lathe, got it to my shop and powered it up, and found that the battery backup for the encoders was dead and it won't home. I changed the battery but now need to figure out how to home it. I believe there is parameters I need to zero...
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    Romer arm digitizing software opinions

    Iam looking for software to use with my Romer Cimcore 3000i Portable cmm arm i recently bought used, the main purpose of it is for reverse engineering automotive parts. what do you use, and how user friendly is it? Iam new to using a probing arm but willing to put in the time to learn...
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    Subs off of pcmcia card fanuc 18m help

    I have been searching but can't find a definite answer. I have a Hardinge vmc 700 with 18m fanuc control, manifactured in late 1997, it does have a pcmcia slot in the cabinet. I have seen a couple people saying that the fanuc 18m can run subs off card even when in cabinet Also can a compact...
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    Fanuc 21T G76 Improper G-Code

    You can use g32 cycle. Do you have any of the manuals for the machine?
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    Fanuc 21T G76 Improper G-Code

    Try a Q0010 in the first line and a Q 0020 in the second. Also G76 was optional on those machines so make sure you have that option
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    Autodesk's version of the FeatureCAM end user license agreement

    I understand the frustrations with the whole license vs subscription issue, most paid alot of money for there software license and now they want to take it away thats BS. That being said I'm a fusion360 user, but I'm also starting slowly at a pace comfortable to me while working a day job at a...
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    Absolute Performance & Machine

    Before powder coat, stock one in the middle a little bent, news ones are 1" solid 6061
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    Absolute Performance & Machine

    Whipped out some Steering links for my tooling guys Can-am
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    mitsubishi m-v4b

    Im looking at one the weekend, the machine is a 1998. Anyone familiar with these Mills and or the Meldas 520AM Control and know some things to look for or just some opinions and experiences. I greatly appreciate it.
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    B&A Precision

    what about subing out part of your work tell you can get caught up? the shop i work at for my day job is a pretty good sized job shop (around 40 mills including 2 HMC each with a 6 pallet pool) when we get slammed with work we farm it out to trusted shops we work with. That is if you have some...
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    Absolute Performance & Machine

    Made this little plaque for child's park bench that is being donated to a children's hospital by a friend of mine, her son which goes to said hospital stripped down and refinished the wood and iron ends of bench. all I can say is the little dude is a total badass :)
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    Best Lathe insert for Machining SS

    I use tungaloy CNMG 431-SF AH630 on 303 to 316, haven't tried any of the other one's mentioned. We do mainly stainless at the shop I work and it seems to hold up pretty well