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    Work offset stepping?

    You could use a G52 work offset shift in your program. There would be multiple ways to go about implementing it. But IMO it's easier and less complicated than adjusting the work offset with G10 variables. I would probably incorporate some macro expression in the G52 line so it shifts the right...
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    Am I asking too much?

    You mean something like this? https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/60775202
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    Neat OSG thread mill/drill(?)

    Same topic but I saw these a few days ago and thought they were pretty neat. Basically a drill and thread mill all in one. The drill rake ends up making a thread relief at the bottom of the threads. BGF Thriller | Emuge Corporation
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    Renishaw supatouch

    Does your wizard have a button that says output supatouch optimization? I just checked my wizard and i see that button and it outputs the right programs. we started to use supatouch on our DVF machines and it is awesome. so much faster than traditional probing.
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    What is wrong with this peck cycle?? (Fanuc 0i - Doosan Lathe)

    I have a simple part I am drilling holes in and for some reason it only wants to peck the very first hole in the canned cycle. The rest of the holes all get drilled without any pecking. The only way for me to peck all of the holes was to add a Q value on every line of the canned cycle. Is this...
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    Help sourcing a new chuck for Doosan SMX

    I saw that one! For the 10" chuck it looks like they make it custom. On the specs the dimensions all say "On Request".. I assume this would be my most expensive option LOL and possibly my only option!
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    Help sourcing a new chuck for Doosan SMX

    Hi all, we just purchased a new Doosan SMX big bore and it has an 8" chuck with a 82MM drawtube and I am trying to find a four jaw power chuck that has the same (or close) diameter through hole. I can not, for the life of me, find any four jaw chucks with these specs. At least not from any...
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    Illegal Condition In Spindle Sync (Puma 2600 SYB)

    Sure enough rotating the spindles synced before the pickup worked out. I will say, one thing I was having an issue with was alarming out (spindle sync malfunction) because I did not have an M169 BEFORE the M213. Even though the sub spindle was already unclamped the machine would not run unless I...
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    Illegal Condition In Spindle Sync (Puma 2600 SYB)

    It has worked for this program and a few others. Like I said, I am new to programming lathes. What you are saying about the spindles rotating during a pickup makes a lot of sense though. I just happen to pick the default option in the CAM software of not spinning. If I chose to rotate while...
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    Illegal Condition In Spindle Sync (Puma 2600 SYB)

    I am looking for some guidance on this alarm we have been getting on our Doosan Puma 2600 SYB. Recently, this program that we have ran before is giving us alarms when the sub spindle pulls the bar and then try's to rotate synced with the main spindle. When the M3 code is read you can see the sub...
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    Five Axis Alignment Visual Test Program - Need Help

    I think you are correct... I am not sure why I overthought it. I will test this out tomorrow. But what if I was using a Haimer 3D gauge? Then this method would not work. So next question is how would the code look for that??
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    Five Axis Alignment Visual Test Program - Need Help

    Hopefully I can get some help with this one... I have never written a five axis program by hand so forgive me if I am totally off with what I currently have. Basically what I am trying to do is put a 19MM tooling ball onto the table and then bring a coaxial indicator on it, manually center it...
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    Fagor 8037 HELP

    I don't have any answers for you... but the code is correct! I simulated and backplotted in two different softwares. What line of code is it throwing a fit on? I think the fagors show you a line number in the alarm.
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    2006 Fadal 3016 Fanuc 18i Control

    On our controls we have to input the axis and a zero to get that axis's value. So you would type in B0. then press measure.
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    Help- fanuc 18t contol lost parameters

    Like Doug said, I would call the MTB or email them and they can give you the procedure. However, I do have the procedure for saving and loading the ladder on a 30 series control. I would think it's the same or relatively similar for an 18 series. Give it a look and let me know if it helps at...
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    How do you fix a bent ATC arm? Details in the post.

    We have a two year old Mazak VC500C that has occasionally been getting hung up in the tool change. The arm gets jammed with the both tools half seated in the arm and fully seated in the spindle and magazine pocket. It's a real bitch to get fixed and back in order, tons of servo alarms. After...
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    AI Based Quoting Software

    I have no idea what you are talking about lol. glad you got a nice can opener though Sure, it cant be perfect. That would be too good to be true. However, think about what we know the computer can do 95% of the time with extreme accuracy. It can determine the volume of the part and the volume...
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    AI Based Quoting Software

    It is no secret that the manufacturing industry is slowly being taken over by online instant quoting platforms that allow customers to upload a solid model and instantly get a quote. This is both exciting and scary for some companies. On one hand, this has allowed for many companies to partner...
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    1.6MM Drill - Thru Spindle Coolant Issues

    Update: The through spindle drill did not work as i expected. I wasn't getting very good flow out of the drill. I don't think my tank is clean enough to be using such a small thru coolant drill, lesson learned. I started with a 6000 rpm spindle speed,.08 peck, and a 10 IPM feed rate and it...
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    Back up ring skive cut on lathe?

    PEEK has a very high melting point. I don't think this would work