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    New machinist with a new lathe

    Hello Dan, Welcome to the wacky world of making chips. What a colorful lathe, is it from Michigan? Ed S
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    Cast Iron spindle bearing journals 1941 13" South Bend lanthe

    Those are integral cast iron bearings. With groves cut in them by SB. Ed S
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    Cast Iron spindle bearing journals 1941 13" South Bend lanthe

    That is called a segmented bearing. It is the best bearing SB made. It is not that bad. Still a lot of usable area left. Clean it up it is still usable. DO NOT use sand paper or emery cloth, particles will get embedded. If you feel you have to smooth it use crocus cloth, it is made from...
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    WTB: Old 1-3/8" -10 faceplate and/or backplate(s)

    Look for the serial number on top of the bed where the tail stock sits. Here is some info. tail stock is #2 Morris Taper. head stock is near to a #2 so SB supplied an adaptor to make it a true #2 There are five ways to tell if you have a Model 5 type 405 lathe. These specs are specific...
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    My South Bend 13x40, Cross feed screw condition

    Britt, That is the worst wear I have ever seen. You should buy a new lathe. Just kidding about a new lathe. As Plumer said, you could make your own but it would not be a precision thread. You can buy a piece of precision Acme thread from Steve Wells and replace the threaded part of you...
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    Work holding/fixtureing question for drilling a SB9 saddle.

    Two pieces of pipe or dowel rod. Drill holes in them to bolt to your drill press table. Use these as ways to hold your saddle on the drill press table. Ed S
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    Im looking at lathe, is my identification correct

    By the serial number my data base gives the following: 10380rkl14x built Sept 1958 r = heavy 10 k = Quick Change Gear (QCG), Friction Feed Apron, Underneath Motor Drive (UMD) l = Large Spindle Hole,Standard Swing 14x = version catalog # cl187a = 4 foot bed "very nice" catalog info here...
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    Using Electrolysis to Restore Lathe Parts

    It will not remove good paint. Unless you use TSP as the electrolyte. The TSP breaks down the surface of the paint then the electrolysis can remove it. I have used the process and it works well but does take days to work. Use an older battery charger, the newer electronic one will not work...
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    9C Spindle too tight after bearing adjustment?

    If you took the spindle out, then you did not get it back so the worn groves line up. Loosen up the caps and move the spindle a little until if feels like it drops back in place. Ed S
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    Help identifying SB model

    Having both types of oiling... top oiler and side oiler ... is not a good idea. The top oiler defeats the purpose of the side oiler. A bit of sucktion is needed for the side oiler to work. I would plug the top oiler. ScottL may be correct. Now that I looked at the at the Hercus SB clone, it...
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    SB 9 vs. samll aluminum parts

    I taught shop/technology for 35 years, retired now.... I know what you are going through. Makes you wonder if we will ever have skilled labor again. Ed S
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    SB 9 vs. samll aluminum parts

    Only use the half nuts for making threads, they wear out and are expensive to replace, also disengage the thread dial when not making threads. Any flat fine sharpening stone will work, Harbor Freight has them. Ed S
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    SB 9 vs. samll aluminum parts

    I do not know which model of 9" SB you have, does it have power feed or are you using the half nuts to move the carriage? One is slower then the other. For a smooth cut: 1. use a tool with a rounded nose not pointy 2. you can polish the cutter with a stone till it is razor sharp 2. feed by...
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    Should I Mount My South Bend Lathe Bench On Feet Or Bolt It To The Concrete Floor?

    Ron, You did not read far enough. Read page 20... you finish the process by actually turning a shaft. The lathe does not really have to be level... They used them in trucks and ship. But you do have to take the twist out of the bed by shimming the feet of the lathe bed,.... not the bench...
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    Should I Mount My South Bend Lathe Bench On Feet Or Bolt It To The Concrete Floor?

    South Bend recommended bolting to the floor, then take the twist out of the bed. Be sure to read the last page of the file listed below, you DO NOT need a precision level to level the lathe, start with any bubble level. http://www.wswells.com/data/howto/H-3.pdf If you do not want to drill into...
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    just picked up another one

    Mike, 101NK 101 = built March 1947 N= 9 inch K = Quick Change Gear (QCG), Friction Feed Apron,Underneath Motor Drive (UMD) An early post 1947 lathe Join our group: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SOUTHBENDLATHE/info Ed S
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    SB 9 vs. samll aluminum parts

    Yes on my 9" at highest speed. around 900 rpm. Ed S
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    SB 9 vs. samll aluminum parts

    I turn a lot of small aluminum parts. Use HSS and WD40 as the lube. Works well. Ed S
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    My new heavy 10 finally at home.

    Hello, I belong to a group on Yahoo groups called southbendlathe. We have over 5500 members, visit us and someone may have the part you need. We have a lot of info on file about SB lathes. Also we keep a data base of SB build of build or ship dates so we can figure out when a lathes was built...
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    The way I removed a heavy 10 bull gear

    You can put a threaded rod through the spindle and a couple blocks and a piece of PVC to get it home. Ed S