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    O/T quenching oil and keeping a bear on the go

    I have heard that almost all EVOO is diluted with non-olive oils. It is done by organized crime. The only way to know is to buy brands that are certified. The brand we use is Cobram Estates.
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    Help in identifying my Machinist Grandfather's tool chest

    The wood tool boxes that have drawers are popular because people convert them to jewelry boxes. Yours seems too big for that so I don't think it will have a lot of re-sale value. I see tool chests like yours for sale in antique stores all the time. I don't think they are a big seller. You...
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    Titan geared motor The Titan Electric Company Butler Indiana

    Looks like a home-shop multi tool. I remember seeing a line drawing in an old Popular Mechanics magazine from the 1920-30s that showed a workbench with an assortment of tools like this bolted to the top and all run off a shaft and belts. The shaft was bolted to the back of the bench and was...
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    miniature craftsmanship

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!! He spent 600 hours first building a miniature mill drill so he could use it to build the rest of the project. Just . . . . WOW!
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    Please help me identify this old pump. I would really appreciate it.

    Bobby, Welcome to the forum! I think the story behind your compressor is pretty cool. I want to apologize for the bad behavior you got on this forum. Some of these old timers are so set in their old ways that they don't remember how to be civil.
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    RK LeBlond antique lathe

    Looks like a belt grinder(?)
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    RK LeBlond antique lathe

    The tail stock holds a pipe center, used for holding the tail end of a . . . . pipe. There is a (over extended) cut-off tool in the tool holder. Also, the center rest fingers are set at approximately the same distance as a small diameter pipe. That may have been the last job done on the lathe.
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    Fray Milling machine group

    Did you pick this one up? https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/fray-all-angle-milling-machine.427089/
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    Plastic Morse taper sleeve

    He has mad Google-Fu skills.
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    Fray All Angle Milling Machine.

    I messaged him when it was first listed. I told I would have bought it in minute if I did not already have a Bridgeport (Jet). I even sent him a link to Tony's page and told him to include the link in his ad. I can't believe someone has not snatched this up.
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    Just picked up a horizontal Mill, what kind is it?

    The point is to hold the outboard end of the arbor shaft steady while cutting. Look at pictures of other mills in operation.
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    Just picked up a horizontal Mill, what kind is it?

    Posting more pictures from different angles would help a great deal. Also, please go through this site, lots of pictures to compare: http://www.lathes.co.uk/page21.html
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    0t--Russian mobile rail machine shops--WW1

    My cousin's grandfather was in the Polish cavalry. He once told a story about getting into a bar fight that included the line: "then the swords came out". I was told he skipped town (country) because he murdered a man; not sure if those two stories are linked. A tough man. But my father...
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    Narragansett Lathe For Sale on Craigslist

    I don't think so. The lead screw is on the back though. The thread chart is cast in to the front of the bed. Plus the treadle is hinged at the back of the leg where it should be; and that cross brace would prevent an operator from using the treadle from that side. The tailstock lever controls...
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    Rapide-Lime manual shaper

    Another mistake like that and you will have to spend a night in the box. :-)
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    Rapide-Lime manual shaper

    The line was from Cool Hand Luke
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    I know your comment about the rust was meant in jest, but I am overwehlemed with getting moved...

    I know your comment about the rust was meant in jest, but I am overwehlemed with getting moved. I would really like to get rid of this stuff. Would you please remove your rust comment.
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    Shop Clean Out - Dearborn, Michigan

    Click on a picture and then use this to help navigate through the pictures.