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    Looking for someone to write a custom post processor

    The machine is an old motion master running a 8055 fagor controller unfortunately the company that built it is gone . The machine itself has done 5axis cuts before so i know that the machine is set up ok . the DSM post in fusion is just not quite there to get done and I think its to do with...
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    Fagor 8055 Lathe Z axis Soft Limit Overrun error

    Do you have the Z height set in your tool length and in the offset table for G54
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    Looking for someone to write a custom post processor

    Looking for somebody to tweak a post processor . I have run the DSM router post for 6 years doing 3+ axis cuts I need to do some 5axis cutting . The machine is a Motion master The machine does not have TCP installed. Tool path is not positioning correctly, does not seem to compensate for the...
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    machine definition setup in fusion 360

    Having trouble setting up my fusion 360 machine definition for a 5axis machine. unsure of the offset parameters ( B & C axis ) needed in setup.
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    Post processing issues

    Have not done a lot of 5axis trim tool paths In fusion 360.Trying to do a 5axis swarf cut selecting the surfaces to cut, tool path shows the correct process in simulation . but when i post process it the machine is coming at the part backwards .as to say if left running the head would crash...