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    Used Machine Financing

    I am looking at getting another machine for my shop, I am torn between a new NLX2500 SY twin spindle lathe and something like a relatively new used NTX2000, We dont have the budget or the work to justify a new NTX at the moment. Does anyone have any experience with used machine...
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    Double vise workholding options…

    Upvote for machining a set of aluminum soft jaws with the correct height and width step.
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    Mori seiki junior

    Id check the physical switch and make sure its sending a full signal to the release clamp. Maybe take it apart and clean it? By pass it and short the wires to complete the circuit and see if that helps. There should be a second bleed port on top of the ATC area, at least there is on a...
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    MV-40B Spindle Rebuild Options

    I found my old post just figured id give a 2023 update. I'm still using the machine with the ceramic liner, its still cracked and a little more is missing but it still makes parts with good surface finishes and tolerances. I think the 8k rpm limit plus 7.5 kW rating helps keep whats...
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    Okuma M560V-BBT40 vs BBT50 thoughts?

    Like others have mentioned, I think the benefit of the 50 taper over the 40 on this type of machine would show itself with longer gage length setups.
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    Brother Horizontal

    Yea, if its intended to be loaded with a pallet system then the lack of turn table totally makes sense and would just make the machine bigger and more expensive without much gains. Its definitely an interesting machine.
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    High Performance Ball Endmills - Inch Sizes - +/-.0002 Radii

    If you are going through a lot of endmills, maybe just add a presetter to your arsenal? That way you could keep using cheaper regular endmills but be able to adapt to the tolerance of them? Probably only practical if you have some type of control based 3d cutter comp Sent from my Pixel 5...
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    Trouble shooting a Victor 10H Saw

    I checked in with Victor, they told me its Vactra AA oil. I couldn't find that available anywhere, it crosses to a ISO grade of 320. MSC carries the nice mobil synthetic SHC oils but in thicker and thinner viscosities unless you want to buy a 400 dollar 5 gallon pail. Ended up using...
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    Trouble shooting a Victor 10H Saw

    So, its been a sweet decade of ownership. Does anyone have any recommendations on the type of oil the gearboxes on these call for? Manual only tells volume.
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    Hitachi Seiki cooling fans

    Should be a fanuc control. They can probably get you a replacement fan Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Tapping 5/8-11 in 4130 forgings 25-30RC..............

    Ive had good luck with the gt500 guhring taps in that metal Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Coolant decision (Hysol MB50 / Novamet 875 / Synergy 735)

    The blaser sales guy was so keen on it tho. ;)
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    Coolant decision (Hysol MB50 / Novamet 875 / Synergy 735)

    We are looking to try out a new coolant for a Makino A61NX we just got, and have called Blaser, Oemeta, and have seen MB50 recommended countless times) Seems like everyone has mixed experiences with coolants which can be contributed by a number of issues so its always tough to say whats good...
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    Coolant issues...thinking of aeration

    I think this is a reality if you are huge shop such as yourself. If you have a small operation with a couple of machines they definitely will not give you any samples. Hell, I had a qualichem guy come by after the main office said they could give me a sample 5 bucket pail to run and the rep...
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    Anyone have experience with the Orange vise Twin Delta Pallet System?

    I just used it for the first time. I needed a fixture that would be flat and repeat under .0003 and it worked great. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Used HMC decisions, full 4th ?

    A61 is a 500mm machine with cat40 spindle and 14000 rpm. I think it's 30 hp Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Used HMC decisions, full 4th ?

    I ended up getting the a61nx. They only come with a full 4th b axis. If it's good enough for makino, I'm sure it's good enough for me [emoji16] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Used HMC decisions, full 4th ?

    Thanks for the video, thats pretty much exactly how i was thinking you might use something like a full 4th on a HMC beyond being able to index less than 1 deg. Its a tough call because the reg A51 has the extended ATC (~130 tools) and probing built in. I think the NX is just the 60 and...
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    Used HMC decisions, full 4th ?

    I am basically looking at a Pro5 Makino A51 vs the Pro5 A51NX
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    Used HMC decisions, full 4th ?

    I'm expecting the 1 degree older generation to be around 75k and the full 4th direct drive to be around 120k. They both have the same control, newer version has a 14k spindle vs 12k spindle.