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    fixing a worm gear, or purchase (kalmazoo band saw drive)

    I realize the OP has long since resolved this but hope this might help somebody fix an old saw. I'm repairing the same (very early, as-in 1939-1941) gearbox and Kalamazoo tech service sent me the gearbox assembly drawing so I'm attaching it here so that it might help someone down the road like...
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    1940's Kalamazoo P-series/816 bandsaw and gearbox question

    I called and talked to a very helpful service tech at Clausing today. I explained my situation and what info I was looking for and he found an old P-series manual that he sent me. It still showed the later style gearbox but referenced the earlier gearbox with the larger gear and gave an updated...
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    1940's Kalamazoo P-series/816 bandsaw and gearbox question

    Peerless, I thought about that as I heard they still provided parts at reasonable cost. Apparently that is a thing of the past, maybe due to Clausing buying Kalamazoo. On Hobby-Machinist, a member doing a rebuild on an 816 said he paid $50 for the vise half nut and carriage in 2020. I thought...
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    1940's Kalamazoo P-series/816 bandsaw and gearbox question

    I posted this on Garage Journal but thought somebody here might have dealt with one of these saws and could help. I just purchased an old (guessing early to mid-40's) Kalamazoo horizontal bandsaw. I originally thought it was an 816 but now think it is a P-series, as-in P42, P43 but it is...
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    New to the forum AND bought a Logan 820

    Hello all, I’m new to the forum and want to say how helpful this group has been in educating me about lathes, lathe features, operation and purchasing. I have an XS650 project I am working on and need some parts machined. I have wanted a lathe for a long time and it seemed the perfect time to...