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    Hitachi Seiki V60

    A little late to the game, but if you still need help reach out!
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    Matsuura Macro Program - i80 Tool Sensor

    I see - I started working with it a little bit, the manual explaining isn't very thorough, so I was hoping to get some additional feedback. Once I get to that point I might reach out again to you to get some instruction if that's OK!
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    Matsuura Macro Program - i80 Tool Sensor

    OK, was just curious. I have the MAM500HF-PC11, so the 11+1 pallet system. Still trying to figure out the pallet call system, its a little cumbersome. I just tried the macros and they worked for auto Tool measure, so I can't thank you enough! I'll have to go through and adjust settings but so...
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    Matsuura Macro Program - i80 Tool Sensor

    Forgot to ask - is yours the MAM500 PC2 or the PC11?
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    Matsuura Macro Program - i80 Tool Sensor

    THANK YOU! I have reached out to Matuura here and the US did not have any records, I figured it would be faster to ask the community than wait for a possible reply from Japan. I really appreciate it!
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    Matsuura Macro Program - i80 Tool Sensor

    Hello All looking for a lifeline - Have a Matsuura MAM500HF with a built-in tool break detect / length offset sensor. Many Matsuura machines came equipped with this tool sensor & I am in need of the 9300 series Macros to operate it automatically. The manuals have every other macro except these...
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    CNC Hitachi seiki

    Send me a PM with your e-mail John Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB KV40 Tool Holders

    Dan send me a PM and Ill see what I have
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    CNC Hitachi seiki

    Hello PM me you e-mail and I’ll help you out John Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hitachi Seiki VS50 8000/9000 programs needed

    Hello Send me a PM with your email address and I’ll help you out Join Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Adding a fourth axis-will it work?

    What is the version of the SVIF you used? Same as the original ones? AFAIK For VK/VM additions - you can only use 01-05-03, 01-05-04-XX and up (and 01-05-53-00)
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    CNC Hitachi seiki

    Do you stil have these alarms? Its an easy fix if so john
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    Hitachi seiki RAM Error

    Hello 1016 is a faulty RAM address alarm in the SAMS. Its a hard alarm, often people swap without realizing that SAMS have address settings that need to be maintained, and not all SAMS are interchangeable depending on software version and model of card. PM me for more details and I will help...
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    Hitachi seiki ht30j seicos j300l - system error

    Hello Bob what is the control? Sequence parameters cant all be altered. That is the "current status" of the machine. Or at least the current status it thinks the the machine is at. What is the model and control. Usually you have to manually force some things home and the control will alter...
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    Cooling fan for spindle drive motor

    John does this looks like the fan - should be a direct fit for EEA-IKM Flange and Foot mount series motors
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    Hitachi HT20 Problem

    Hi Mike. Whats the control on this lathe? John Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    1045 Tailstock condition alarm

    You wont be able to jog the spindle if the control doesn't know where the tail-stock is. If its not forward or backward (locked) its in the unknown zone. Do the lights come one if you move it forward (against a block of wood on the chuck) to lock it? And do the lights come on if you put it all...
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    Looking to buy used hitachi seiki CNC lathe

    Andy everyone is correct in saying parts and service are hard to come by - luckily I am here to help. I have a huge inventory of Hitachi Parts (Both mechanical, electrical and software) and have been servicing them for many years. Also have 20+ Hitachi machines operating in my own shop as well...
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    Hitachi Seiki VS50 - alarm 2055 and cannot orientate spindle. Even by hand

    KCH - I sent you an email - take a look and ill do my best to help you out John
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    Error code f438 on startup. Hitachi Seiki 23

    Looks like you have an issue with your servo drive which is causing alarms for the 2 Axis