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    ISO, 4-1/4 I'd aluminum pneumatic cylinder tube. Who sells it?

    Have you tried these folks? https://teamtubellc.com/
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    Questions about wiring a 115v single phase Baldor motor

    The picture shown appears to be minus the junction box where motor leads would normally be made up. If you have a friendly motor shop nearby, they usually have a big box of old junction boxes you could pick through. Failing that, a 2"X3" handy box screwed to the motor would suffice as a safe...
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    OT: Entry door locks with keypad

    We use facial recognition too. I knock on the door, the wife comes to the window, see's that it's me and lets me in. Easy as that!
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    Working with Ductile Iron - Making Adapter Flanges: Drilling/Tapping and 3" hole boring.

    Wow...with a 10" lathe sporting a 6" chuck your shop rate must be minimal if you're "going to keep this within budget". That's a lot of work with a nasty, tough material for a hobby type shop. Good luck, senor!
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    Hydraulic Fittings - Crimp vs. Screw

    It's been many moons since I fiddled with screw on hydraulic hose fittings, but as I recall, they must be used with a hose suitable for that type fitting. Not just any old hose will support screw on fittings...could be wrong though. Having said that, the fittings we used, when installed...
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    1961 10ee for Sale Sunnyvale CA`

    John, That is a pretty poor post considering you're actually trying to sell the machine. You have supplied no links, no pictures...no nuttin!! It's a very hefty price for an old lathe, so more info would really be appreciated. Stuart
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    Webb lathe (whacheon)

    Tom, Keep in mind I'm an electrical hack so this info might not be accurate. I looked at a picture of your lathe and it has the typical apron mounted FWD/REV lever which means the mags are not wired for 3-wire maintained control, the lever has a switch that holds the circuit closed. That means...
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    Webb lathe (whacheon)

    Tom, The schematic on the Webb electrics isn't clear because I believe the interlock is mechanical and not electrical..so it isn't shown. I would guess the mags you picked up for replacement aren't not meant for a reversing scenario, just simple mags. The NO and NC contacts (adders) on the mags...
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    Webb lathe (whacheon)

    If the original mags had a mechanical interlock, wiring the new set that required an electrical interlock would obviously not work properly. There should be an additional set of NC contacts on each mag that open and prevent command to the adjacent mag when the commanded mag is closed....when FWD...
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    Webb lathe (whacheon)

    I haven't had either scenario you have posted, but I'll say this. If mags have failed on your lathe, there are a bazillion options to choose from, and many of them are very reasonable. Spec your contactor for HP, coil voltage and O/L values and check Ebay or Automation Direct..or any other site...
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    Change in PM format

    Wow...hope you're on the mend. Stuart
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    WTB- Compound Ratcheting Arbor press

    Why do folks use these types of presses versus a hydraulic press? I have both but rarely use the manual press. Stuart
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    Anyone familiar with screw compressor air ends? Ingersoll Rand SSR screw question.

    I could be all wet, but I think your hours/life cycle figure is way off the mark. The 15hp IR screw I mentioned above had regular oil and filter changes and when I left the facility, the hour meter was creeping up on 40,000 hours. This was on the original pump which ran 9 hours a day, 5 days a...
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    Anyone familiar with screw compressor air ends? Ingersoll Rand SSR screw question.

    I had several IR screws. While not sure of your situation I would make sure the belts are tight and sheaves and belts not misted with oil from the unloader. There is usually a small plastic muffler on the unloader that often becomes plugged with oil and gunk and that will make the snap-action...
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    Will steel DOM fit over shafting?

    Interesting..why in the name of God would someone want to slip DOM over a piece of shafting? I'd love to know the real deal on this. Stuart
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    VFD output amperage question

    As was noted above, a drive of the proper size is so darn inexpensive it makes basic sense to just buy one and carry on with life. Dinking around with transformers or undersized drives is just a exercise in futility..IMHO. What is your time worth? Stuart
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    VFD output amperage question

    Interesting thought.:) Doesn't this mean that the motor overloads the drive and kicks it out, meanwhile the 3hp motor can't reach full potential for its intended use. Isn't this the 'lose-lose' scenario of using a drive too small for the load..part of the 'no free lunch' syndrome! Stuart
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    VFD output amperage question

    It could probably be configured to start and run the motor, but technically, it's too small. The max O/L setting on the drive could possibly fall short of the max nameplate FLA(9.6a) of the 3 hp motor, so there would be no effective O/L protection for said motor. Stuart
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    Is anyone using the new Optrel 2.0 welding helmets?

    My HS metal shop..1962! Not a pup, more of a fossil. Stuart
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    OK, how do I get this regenerative blower motor off?

    As there are no holes for any puller visible, it would seem clear that the whole thing was put together when warm for a slight shrink fit. I'd be tempted to clean the shaft you've exposed so there are not burrs or rust on it, then I'd tip the whole thing on its nose..shaft down and start warming...