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  1. tomwalz

    "Good" source for 10mm shank dowel machine bits, LH/RH?

    Hey there! Consider reaching out to us (Carbide Processors) - We do customs so if you like a bit that doesn't quite meet the specs you need, give us a call or shoot us an email and we might be able to get it made for you. We're here to help! 800-346-8274
  2. tomwalz

    "How to get the most out of your new mill" books?

    Tooling manufacturers.
  3. tomwalz

    Free Fish Tank Pumps, P/N SHK-293

    Carbide Processors is giving away nine brand-new free fish tank pumps! Bought them for a project that won't work out. None of them have been opened. Please call 253-476-1338 (leave a message if we're not available) and provide with your address, or better, email at [email protected]...
  4. tomwalz

    Where to buy a Hand held scraper?

    Sorry I am late here. Due to age and infirmity I am not working much. As usual CarbideBob pretty well nailed it and well written too. I would add that making carbide it like cooking. The ingredients are only part of it. In 35 years I have seen companies go from good to bad to good again as...
  5. tomwalz

    OT First Robotics Competition

    Free tools for Robotics clubs, etc. We have a program where we donate $500 worth of tools off our website to any robotics program for kids. That is about it. Actually it is any kind of a group involving kids and building things. Robotics, wood shop, machine shop, scouts, etc all count...
  6. tomwalz

    OT: Looking for a good quality folding knife

    Another vote for Kershaw. I prefer fixed blade for outdoor use but I have a Kershaw folder that is extremely solid when open. I carry a Schrade Old Timer because my Grandpa gave me one 60 years ago. You might try custom knife. Visit a knife show. Custom knife makers, in my experience, are...
  7. tomwalz

    Metalworking: different gasses for heating

    Try : Buy Carbide Braze Alloy | Carbide Brazing Services and Tips | How to Braze It is a few years old but might still help. Roughly think of gases the same way you do electricity. Electricity of the same voltage can have widely different amperage which effects its ability to do work. (If...
  8. tomwalz

    Quoting absurd tolerances

    1. Thank you for posting this. 2. I think we ought to have the professor's name. Something like this gets copied and recopied many times and rarely does the original developer get credit.
  9. tomwalz

    Tool Failure Reporting

    I have been doing tool failure analysis for about 30 years and I really like data. Mostly what I do is failure analysis of brazed carbide tools. 15, 20 years ago I was invited to come up and work on a failure analysis problem at a local, major aircraft manufacturer. The first thing I did...
  10. tomwalz

    Allen wrenches, torx wrenches for insert changes

    Once I accepted that some things are disposable (pens, pencils, note pads, tape measures, hex keys, etc.) life got simpler. If it will help we will give you a 10% discount on bulk hex keys. We call them L keys or hex keys. Allen is a trademarked name. L-Key Sets and Singles | Hex and Torx...
  11. tomwalz

    Kudos for Kaman

    Mark Bernard of Kaman Industrial Technologies found a new PLC for our old, house - built machine. He also came down and installed it. Then he noticed something else so he fixed that as well. That's it. I have no relationship with them other than as a customer. It was just really great...
  12. tomwalz

    Lookin for "hand tapping" expert(s)

    Mr. Plothoundsman: Jo has PM'ed you. You may also call her at 800 346-8274 or email [email protected] Sincerely, Tom Walz
  13. tomwalz

    Does somebody have, home made carbide tipped saw blade sharpening machine?

    Before you get too deep into it you might send it to Triplechip. His shop is definitely one of the best in the country. Triplechip, himself, has a well deserved reputation for quality, fair dealing and just being a heck of a nice guy. Do a Google search for W.D.Quinn and you can see some...
  14. tomwalz

    Cleaning A Gunked Up Caked On Machine

    If you think it will help we will send you a Super Scraper free. Super Scraper, 1-1/4", Innovative Tools International SS1 Call Jo at 800 346-8274 or [email protected] PM will also work just be a little slower
  15. tomwalz

    Does somebody have, home made carbide tipped saw blade sharpening machine?

    Carbide exposure can cause problems due to allergy to the Cobalt much like Nickel allergy. You get scarring on the inside of your lungs and die a long, slow, emphysema like death. Doesn't happen to everyone, just a small number.
  16. tomwalz

    Lookin for "hand tapping" expert(s)

    Please email Jo Lawson [email protected]
  17. tomwalz

    Lookin for "hand tapping" expert(s)

    Dear Mr. Feldman: Excellent reasoning and nicely written. We really try to help people just starting to manufacture in America. However e have two rules. 1. Quality is determined by the person using the tool. 2. A tool is worth only what someone will pay for it. That is why we would like to...
  18. tomwalz

    Lookin for "hand tapping" expert(s)

    Please email Jo Lawson at [email protected]
  19. tomwalz

    Lookin for "hand tapping" expert(s)

    Mtndew, it's Self Adjusting, Fits #0 - 1/2" Taps, 5/16 Centering Stem, 100% Tool Steel, Made in the USA If you would like to test it out please email Jo at [email protected]
  20. tomwalz

    Lookin for "hand tapping" expert(s)

    All good points. Thank you. It is an American company. The nice guy who owns it wanted to make a really high quality tool. Hard to fault that. Tom