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    OT: PM members Bob, BSG, Sip6a, and others. Need customs advice for bringing machinery into the US from Canada

    https://www.cbp.gov/sites/default/files/documents/Importing%20into%20the%20U.S.pdf https://help.cbp.gov/s/article/Article-215?language=en_US The above links should prove useful. Goods destined for personal use valued less than $2500 can be entered informally without the need for a customs bond...
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    Biax BL-40 Power Scraper for sale

    Very happy to hear, thank you for the kind words.
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    Hofmann Minibalancer MI 2000

    Sounds good. I like the 3 hole idea. I thought about suggesting the use of tungsten tig electrodes as they are inexpensive and very easy to get. The standard sizes of 2.4mm or 3mm would be very unobtrusive.
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    Hofmann Minibalancer MI 2000

    The way that racing engine builders do it is to bore or drill a hole and glue or press in rods of "mallory metal" (a tungsten alloy). I could see that method being pretty elegant in your application.
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    Biax BL-40 Power Scraper for sale

    BL-40 (7 ELM) Biax power scraper in like new condition. Only a few minutes of use. Black motor version which is the current model. This is the medium sized scraper suitable for all sorts of jobs. Runs very quietly and absolutely silky smooth. Includes fitted case, parts diagram, special...
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    View into an SOE dust filter

    @Machiner2 The filters are indeed meant to be cleaned (washed out), oiled and reused. Franz Singer sells the special oil at a reasonable price but I see no reason you couldn't use a more commonly available air filter oil like Motorex (Swiss made for motorcycle air filters).
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    Obtaining carbide inserts for hand scraping

    I have some spare Biax inserts (25x25, R90) that I would sell individually $35 shipped. Just PM me if you're interested.
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    Bridgeport QJ-H Quick Change Tool Holder - 2 Morse Taper

    Quality piece in excellent condition. R-8 taper external, 2 Morse Taper internal $95 plus actual shipping. If you think I'm off on my price just let me know.
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    Deckel SOE Tool and Cutter grinder

    No sorry, it was sold quite some time ago. Thank you for your interest.
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    Singer no longer rebuilds machines????

    [email protected] is the address I have always used. Do you have a preferred alternate?
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    Singer no longer rebuilds machines????

    Thank you, Peter! So their vacation is in August as is customary. I think I'll have to give them a call.
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    Singer no longer rebuilds machines????

    I'm having trouble reaching Singer. I write them in German and have always gotten a reply. I'm accustomed to waiting but it's been 5 weeks now that I've been trying. I assumed at first that they were on "Urlaub" (vacation) but now I'm not so sure. Anyone?
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    Need help in identifying FP-1 oiler

    Later FP1's had a 45 degree zerk style fitting that made filling with an oil push-gun very easy.
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    Deckel Green RAL color code

    Deckel used RAL 6011 Reseda Green, as others have noted. I highly recommend Sherwin Williams Polane. They will mix a custom color and the paint is quite affordable, all things considered. I've never found anything nearly as good. Just find a SW Industrial service center location near you (the...
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    FS: Deckel 2212 Dividing Head

    Still available. Send me an offer if you're interested.
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    Late Model FP2/FP3 Vertical head oil mod.

    I really appreciate your guidance on this, Ross. I dismantled the entire train this evening and discovered what you already figured out: the bearing in front of the long drive gear is not sealed. Looking down into the casting with a flashlight, I mistook the the polyamide cage for a seal (also...
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    Late Model FP2/FP3 Vertical head oil mod.

    Ah! All is becoming clearer now. The bearings in mine are all rubber sealed. They must have been replaced if the original bearings were open. It is clear that someone has been in there before. Should I pick the seals out? I had not planned on totally dismantling the head but it looks like it...
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    Late Model FP2/FP3 Vertical head oil mod.

    Ah, okay Ross, I've got it now. Thank you. I guess what was giving me pause is that the cavity behind the front gear case has a partial wall that holds one of the bearings for the input drive gear. The top of this wall is roughly in line with the top of the input drive gear and is well above the...
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    Late Model FP2/FP3 Vertical head oil mod.

    Thanks, Ross! I understand now, but I still don't quite get how the drain is supposed to function with the bolt in the hole. I wouldn't expect the threads to weep enough oil to function as a drain. Do you drill a drain hole through the center of the bolt in this position? Do you happen to still...