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    Ways to Id hardened ways on South bend

    Fair enough. These had rust but weren't really dinged up. One reason I bought it. My workplaces have always had hardened ways but Usually foreign, more modern lathes, and surprisingly often dinged up up by the chucks. Especially on the prismatic parts. I'm a mediocre machinist at best but...
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    Ways to Id hardened ways on South bend

    I bought a 1964 13 with a 6 foot bed several years ago. I haven't had 220 in the garage to get it and a 3 phase converter running. I decided to check out what size spindle bore it had and went and checked the serial. 10009 TKX 14. I was expecting a L or R so the x threw me and I took off the...
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    Best places in the country for a youngin to learn the trade?

    In Utah there are quite a few Job shops hiring, but they want to pay Minimum or slightly above for people just starting out or want 5+ years experience to journeyman levels for better pay, The one I work in has 1 ?journeyman?/35+ years, who runs the shop and does all the cam programming. The...
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    parts for colchester triumph

    This is my first post so if I'm in the wrong place sorry, let me know where to go. I've got a 7.5 Colchester Triumph (15 x 30) that got dropped while being moved. (that's why I could afford it but maybe just wasted my small amount of money). The gears are all right and still mesh correctly...