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  1. MrStretch

    Tennis String Winding Machine

    I've been using synthetic gut aka 'natural' tennis racket line to string tallcase clocks for years. Don't know what it is exactly but it is very strong, non-stretchy and has a gut-like yellowish color so it doesn't look out of place in a 200-300 year old clock. I get pre-rolled reels from...
  2. MrStretch

    How to calculate battery life - A23 battery

    A 6v led requires at least 6v across it to produce light. To calculate the value of the current limiting resistor use ohms law (Vcc - Vdiode ) / desired current. Look up the current spec for the diode in the data sheet and adjust the resistor for the required brightness. I doubt there is...
  3. MrStretch

    How to calculate battery life - A23 battery

    The most efficient way to power an LED is to use a constant current source. Using a current limiting resistor and a voltage source will cause the brightness to change with voltage, as you discovered. A current source will vary its output voltage so that the current through the led is constant.
  4. MrStretch

    OT-filter pollen out of honey?

    Yum. Definitely enjoy the occasional Shirley Temple. Not sure how the cherries lean, however.
  5. MrStretch

    New Engineer Advice

    Trig tables? What century is it?
  6. MrStretch

    OT - Visiting Portland, OR

    It's weird, I have been living in deepest south philly for many years and am consistently surprised by the stark contrast between my actual experience living in a big city and others description of the place as a dangerous crime-infested hellhole. Whatever, leaves more room for the residents to...
  7. MrStretch

    A few questions about electrolysis

    Yes, EDTA is the main active ingredient in evaporust. Of course, it's not that simple as it needs to be buffered to work properly. If you have the Chem lab knowledge & equipment to do this, try making your own.
  8. MrStretch

    OT? Plastic welder for home use

    Doesn't super glue weld abs? It worked great repairing cracks in a abs body bass clarinet. It is my understanding that super glue melts the abs and it re-crosslinks when the glue dries.
  9. MrStretch

    New Engineer Advice

    Don't forget that employment is a bit of a game. Your employer wants to get the most out of you for the least while your goal should be to do the least while still appearing to do a good job. Can you tell I'm self-unemployed?
  10. MrStretch

    OT: Any experience with radiator stop leak products?

    Is this the old wives tale forum? Op asks for other's experience with coolant leaks, gets recommended coffee grounds, black pepper & eggs.
  11. MrStretch

    Help with machines use and exact "normal" purpose

    Looks like something you'd find rusting in the back corner of an overpriced used machinery dealers warehouse.
  12. MrStretch

    Screw Head Slotting Machine Options

    Seems to me that you could use your little Barker a little more efficiently by making some sort of split clamp that could hold a row of blanks and then use the main table feed (x?). Many have used air or hydraulic cylinders to feed the table, Barkers are pretty adaptable.
  13. MrStretch

    How to make a tiny drafting pencil collet?

    Or 10s of revs. I sometimes use a handwheel with my watchmakers lathe. A sharp graver cuts like butter. I also use the handwheel when drilling out hardened pivots with little (1 & .5mm) straight flute carbide drills, high speed not required.
  14. MrStretch

    OT: Led tubes. Can you remove/replace components?

    Efficient led power supplies are constant current, not voltage. With the correct cc supply the wasteful load ( current limiting) resistors are not needed. That might explain the differences in the voltage readings.
  15. MrStretch

    Help with Bronze Thrust Bearing/Collar

    Stark started using ball thrust bearings on the inside left of the spindle in the 1870s. There is a patent online dated 1880 something which shows a more sophisticated version than the one on my lathe. They didn't start using ball bearings for the spindle until much later, these older thrust...
  16. MrStretch

    Dangers of a manual lathe?

    Meanwhile, the very worst drug dealers who are directly responsible for addicting many of thousands for billions of dollars were let off by our wonderful, nonbiased Justice system. All they had to do was promise to stop and pay into a one time fund, almost none of which is actually being used to...
  17. MrStretch

    Seneca Falls Star FS San Francisco CL

    Yes, that is a Seneca Falls countershaft. Not sure it was original to this particular lathe tho. The unattached lever on the right side would have connected to a bar above the lathe for forward, neutral and reverse. I know all this because my Stark #4 came on a welded angle iron bench with one...
  18. MrStretch

    Cook Tool & Machine, & Similar Places Near South Philly & South Jersey

    John's Roast Pork is one of best lunch spots in south philly and is near I95. Definitely worth a visit.
  19. MrStretch

    O.T. How does the net know what I'm thinking?

    Whatever. Google thinks I live at 75 Wall St in Manhattan. I think the problem is not so much what the internet knows about you personally & individually, but the sheer stupidy and noise. I'm not worried about the singularity because eventually the internet will be nothing more than AIs trying...