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    Misoperation 3

    Check your Alarm History page the next time it happens and see if there are any other messages/alarms in front of it .... One cause I've seen is also when someone tries to open the door before M0 is executed complete or without pressing the door button. In either case, the interlock sensor...
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    Mazak VTC300 renishaw probe

    Did you get the machine books? For probing in Mazatrol, the Mazatrol programming book goes over it fairly well. If you're going to use Renishaw macros (if the machine had any installed), then you should have the Renishaw book. Either way, be sure to dial in and calibrate the probe before...
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    Show me your tool holder storage/crib

    Personally, I'm particular to my 'tool cabinets' which holds a bunch of tools. It also has a nice little robot I call the Rabbit to deal with these heavy things.... Does this count?? ;)
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    Mazak Lathe VDI Toolholders

    Steve, If you want new ones though, like it's already been mentioned, you can buy these holders from a number of makers besides Mazak..... WTO Nikken Gromax Mimatic Koma ... As for Parlec, I think they're getting out of the Live Tool stuff (if not already) but they may have some inventory...
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    Machine Porn: These gal's got some hips...

    Wow... has it been that long? We make some money on them and I will say that due to the work envelope and tool magazine (not the tool count but the physical size of tools you can stuff in this thing), it has certainly made some ground with all of the earlier issues I've had. One thing to note...
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    Probe Programming

    I learned it the "hard" way but Renishaw does have software support and training (PC) you can check into. I don't know anything about the training module but here's a link.... Renishaw Training Module
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    Reading mazatrol probe calibration data from EIA program

    Probe cycles running in Mazatrol read from L1-L4 and so on. If you're probing in EIA, calibrate the probe using EIA cycles and this gets written to common variable sets. What probe system are you using? Most Mazaks are Renishaw with Inspection Plus..... are you using something else here...
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    New 5 axis cnc machine advertised in Mfg Eng magazine

    I don't think this design is more robust than a straddled bridge type but given the small work envelope, this will have to be I suppose. I'm surprised you don't know of the Mazak eMachines. The eVerticals as I listed travel in this manner. I have 2 e1550 machines on a FMS..... anyway...
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    New 5 axis cnc machine advertised in Mfg Eng magazine

    So what's the "revolutionary" part of this? This design looks like a take off of Mazak's eVertical machines which has been around for a dozen or so... (e800, e1060, e1550, e1850, Ramtech, etc, ) Of course the Mazak's table also spins for turning work along with being a 5X machine (although...
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    Major Dream Holder BT30 ?

    roflmao !!!
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    Probing on a Double Column Machining Center

    Since you've got Renishaw.... i would just look at getting the software and have it installed. Renishaw has packages for 5-axis/MillTurn stuff where you're probing with different head and/or part angles. It's worth the whole gig IMO (I have them as well) and saves me from having to write...
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    Mazatrol probing for inspection

    Actual part inspection? Yes but it's a bit trickier. Do you have a programming book handy? You just need to write in code to capture the outputs and do your own comparisons and/or reporting. I've heard there's some newer software for Mazatrol to do actual inspecting but I've never looked...
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    Major Dream Holder BT30 ?

    smooth style caps have been around a long time.... I've got a few hundred of them Nikken and more from Kaiser as well. There's a number of advantages to this style which is why some builders have gone in this direction with high precision and high speed holders. Both Nikken and Kaiser have...
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    Probing? Taper/Work Piece Alignment Without 4th Axis?

    Couldn't you locate the hole straight to your X-axis by using centers or pins? Then have the programming already angled relative to the drawing instead of trying to figure out the angle each time? I'm also not sure if I see you part the way you do with "I need to get the outside surface...
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    Aren't G31 and G1 mutually exclusive?

    HA!.... Ox, I would never try to make you a liar :eek: lol.... Anyhow, as others have posted, G31 can have functions for feed (and yes, rapid) tied into it. I was just trying to keep it simple .......
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    Capto tooling - What is the main advantage ?

    Stoeffel deals with polygon shapes for drives but it's not like a Capto (or Capto isn't like it). Similar principles conceptually but the form of a Capto has other unique features.... Just FYI..... Stoeffel also didn't come up with it either as stated in the first sentence of the...
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    Aren't G31 and G1 mutually exclusive?

    mutually exclusive?? Neither takes "precedence" other than the order it's read. "G1G31" or "G31G1" makes no difference in the same block. G1 is a Group 1 code and G31 is a Group 0 code so they would never step on each other.... G31 merely turns on SKIP .... there's no movement like G1
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    .751 reamer with long shank

    Good idea from Alfa as I've done the same in a pinch.... But, if you don't feel like fabricating, extended length reamers of 12", 16" ... even 18" OAL are available from several builders such as ICS Cutting Tools or Hannibal Carbide
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    Capto tooling - What is the main advantage ?

    Nice.... :D (ROFLMAO) Then again, there's a lot of that out there. Things aren't always as they seem. I only know of Kelch by way of custom tooling. From the looks of your picture, that connection would be the NCT system. If so, the licensing would be under Walter. But I'm not sure...
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    Capto tooling - What is the main advantage ?

    Capto has saved my ass numerous times and has very much been a standard for my tooling selection over more years than I can count. Other modular systems just don't compare. I'm sure a lot of you have seen videos I've posted over the years and one thing is evident... CAPTO. Capto is still...