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    Done and best of luck with the move.

    Done and best of luck with the move.
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    Shop Clean Out - Dearborn, Michigan

    I want the Biax, but alas too far away.
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    British/European screwcutting benchtop lathes?

    If you spend time in London or read lathes.co.uk, you find hundreds of British and European companies that made benchtop screwcutting lathes throughout the 1900-1980 era. Myford is the famous one, but there are tons. Many look small (less than 250lbs) and have screwcutting. Do any of these...
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    DoAll Band saw feeder $130

    What machine does it go to? I haven't seen one like that. Very cool accessory.
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    Non-marring cover for magnets/mag-base (to attach to Piano's cast iron frame)

    What size magnets (and how many) should I use? It didn't occur to me that I would have a 'too strong' magnet problem. I see I can buy Neod. magnets in a lot of sizes... Thank you all for the advice so far. It's always impressive to see how you all solve problems.
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    Non-marring cover for magnets/mag-base (to attach to Piano's cast iron frame)

    I want to machine a permanent, lightweight magnetic mount to temporarily attach a small microphone + flexible gooseneck to the cast iron frame of a piano. Below is a picture of a pair of commercial models (I want one for custom microphones). That one is ABS or delrin I think, with Neodymium...
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    Trav-a-dial lubrication?

    On the ball bearings or on the big phenolic & metal gears (or both)? Thanks for the reply btw.
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    Trav-a-dial lubrication?

    I'm servicing a Trav-a-dial (silver bullet GB-42 type). In various posts, I have read conflicting advice to grease the gears, oil the gears, or leave them dry (they currently look completely dry). Also, some people say to leave the gears dry, but oil the little ball bearings. -What's the...
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    Epoxy Spray Paint in a Can

    Finishmaster stores (at least in California) will take almost any 2-part paint they sell and make it into a spray can for you. For them, you have to buy the paint and then they have an additional charge to turn it into a can. Cans are one-time-use (once you open the can, it mixes the two parts...
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    Heater for Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner?

    ^^That's my plan, but do you know if they will be affected (ruined) by the ultrasonic waves? Also, since I'm adding something anyways, any reason not to choose a heater/circulator (with a pump) instead of a 'regular' immersion heater? Seems like that might heat the water a lot faster: Heated...
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    Heater for Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner?

    I have a nice 6 gallon ultrasonic parts cleaner that I use for cleaning both parts and tooling. I want to add a heater to it, as most units are sold with an 'optional' heater. Can anyone tell me what kind of heater arrangement is used? I see a lot of lab immersion heaters and/or...
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    Lathe for Sale in Northern California

    Please someone go get it before someone rips it apart to make hipster tables. It looks remarkably complete with lots of bonus lineshaft stuff.
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    Relocate motor capacitor & its wires? Drill motor housing?

    Thanks--I thought baseplates on little motors like this were usually welded on--am I mistaken? I can't recall seeing any screws under the baseplates of the last few motors I took apart.
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    Relocate motor capacitor & its wires? Drill motor housing?

    Thanks. How should I secure wires to the inside of the motor housing?
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    Relocate motor capacitor & its wires? Drill motor housing?

    I'm rebuilding a small metal saw that's missing the motor. It takes a standard frame 56 motor, but the saw is a tight fit around the motor and the start capacitor that sits atop most frame 56 motors won't fit. Can I drill/tap new holes in the sheet metal motor frame and just move the start cap...
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    FS: Proto 4011 Puller set

    A local machinery rebuilder told me to get one of these sets years ago and showed me why -- the arms are straight, so you can grab your favorite clamp and clamp them together. This way the arms don't slip off of the thing you're pulling. I have seen a lot of castings with broken off chunks...
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    Hardinge HVL-H - would you buy it?

    I personally would not buy it. I don't know the tool market in Tennessee. In California, used HLV and HLV-H come up with some frequency at that price. The one you posted looks like it suffered years of abuse long before it got surface rust. Surface rust is not much of a problem, but I see...
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    Educate me on slitting saws?

    How did we get here from slitting saw speeds/feeds? Yall still honoring the great American tradition of whiskey on thanksgiving? I think your friend must not be from the West Coast...Out here even the dummies make sure to throw stones only at the other guy's truck. To summarize, sounds like I...
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    Educate me on slitting saws?

    Wow -- wasn't expecting it would be this sketchy to run these tools. Now I know why machining training didn't include them. So, given the choice, do you guys pick a very small (1/8" dia or 3/32" dia) endmill instead of a slitting saw when you have to slot something, assuming you could set up...
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    Educate me on slitting saws?

    ^^Thanks. Sounds like it's going to be less straight forward than I thought. Do you speed/feed them at the same SFPM as endmills?