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  1. Lumberjack

    Bandsaw Jaespa MSU4

    Sure thing, email me and I will try to find it again... 🤔😁
  2. Lumberjack

    FP4 (FP3) Y-axis feed problem

    FP4 - the Beast (The manual machine)
  3. Lumberjack

    FP4 (FP3) Y-axis feed problem

    Hi everyone, Got my old FP4 manual machine, been working ok up until just now when it's starting to make irregular resistance and noise when feed Y-axis positive direction (out against the table). Feed the other direction the is no resistance or noise. I would guess the mechanical drive...
  4. Lumberjack

    Advise please - Maching data for New Way Graphite Air Bearing.

    Dear, Would greatly appreciate any input on machining their bearings. Guesstiguessing it should be similar to edm electrode mtrl? Grinding? What tool holds up?? Milling using really sharp cutter reeeally fast? Need to adjust a concave radie after redesign and its a bit. No large bulk removal...
  5. Lumberjack

    Deckel FP4 manual mill / newbie with simple questions

    Welcome to the world of scraping :) You sure will get plenty of practice on that machine. Investigate carefully and make good plans. I have the same machine and it is for sure well worth the effort BUT before scraping - go through the gearboxes, linkages and spindels and spindle bearings. If...
  6. Lumberjack

    Fortuna grinders info wanted

    Hi, Any out there with experience from fortuna grinders? They seem to be long out of business. I could possibly get my hands on a cylindrical grinder external with internal spindel. External grinding spindle is missing the motor but the spindle is there and turning softly by hand with a...
  7. Lumberjack

    Mazak 18x60 - info wanted

    Cool to find this thread still alive, i got hold of a scanned so im fine for now. Thanks everyone!
  8. Lumberjack

    Powell planer Operations

    Hi, not sure where and in what form to post this. Could be under rebuilding section as well but i think planer itself is more the "centerpiece" than the novice planer work. As i cant put videos here i added a youtube link feel free to subscribe if you want but that is not the point, I will try...
  9. Lumberjack

    rosenfors rfu milling machine

    Those are rare, quick look in swedish gives nothing. I think your best bet is Call Tonys and chat with them. Hopefully, and often, things can be resolved by a friendly call, shit happens to everyone time to time.
  10. Lumberjack

    Planing and Scraping a 36" KING-WAY Camel-Back Straight Edge

    Tyrone, Long time since, Its me and my planer we use. And it was really like the first real work piece we set up in a planer - ever. And the first real long run of it. That day was nerve wrecking. Jan Sverre is a brave man to put that casting on the table... One of the days positive outcome is...
  11. Lumberjack

    looking for some info

    Hint -> Use meaningful titels next time you post. Now go to maskinisten.se and search the lib
  12. Lumberjack

    Powell Planer - more work

    Got the Powell planer working and following first (nervous) project roughing a straight edge I´ve mainly worked on workholding for next project which was a lathe bed for a friend. Got a ton of pics and vids I hope to compile to a YT in the future. It went well and wear measured perpendicular to...
  13. 20200920 171203

    20200920 171203

  14. 20200920 171227

    20200920 171227

  15. Planer


  16. Lumberjack

    Powell planer back in operation!

    Hehe, we were a bit shaky in general being the first time Really running it and having a fresh straight edge casting on the table :-) But seriously, I´ll bring some better camera stand for future documentation. Thanks for the feedback.
  17. Lumberjack

    Powell planer back in operation!

    As most of you surely has forgotten I got my hands on a planer last autumn, now I got it working and had my good friend over for a first live project, he is also an excellent youtuber and here is his take on the day :) Powell planer - YouTube
  18. Lumberjack

    Rockford 72” planer

    Congratulations! 72" that is table length and travel? Looking forward to more pics and stories :)
  19. Lumberjack

    Need help making this cutting tool for the planer.

    That´s a more unusual one but I´d say it works in the same way as most goose/swan neck tools does. Under pressure the cutting edge lifts Out of the material reducing DOC rather than dig in to it due to having its "hinging point" in front of the cutting edge. Post #158 in this thread gives has a...
  20. Lumberjack

    Powell planer rescued

    Should be to give that extra punch in the thigh when walking by too close haha More seriously i have no clue But it would be very Nice too use for lifting the table but i am not 100% sure if it is strong enough.