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    Wanted Excello vertical mill head

    I ran an Excello years ago in a shop and found them to be a bit heavier than bridgeports plus they have 6 inch quill travel.
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    Wanted Excello vertical mill head

    I would like to buy a head from an Excello 602 mill. I have a nice Cincinnati that needs a head. Variable speed drive condition can be poor because I'll convert to step pulley and VFD.
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    Thread mics -fish tails-centers -parallels V blocks

    Id like the planer guage and the bullnose center and the wavey parallels for a start. Thanks
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    Which SB carriage stop and thread indicator are these?

    The stop on my 13 inch looks exactly like that.
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    Wanted Bridgeport J head parts

    Looking for quill feed parts or a complete head Thanks Wingit
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    Bridgeport Mill for sale

    PM sent Thanks
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    SB 16 Gap bed lathe Gears wanted

    A buddy bought an Excellent condition 16 inch lathe It has the single tumbler QC on it and a gap bed. It is in Unbelievable condition for being from the early 30s. it has a couple gears damaged in the QC, I would like to find some good used or NOS gears for it. Thanks Wingit
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    Southbend benchtop shaper

    I have a SB shaper that was in a fire and the fiber ring gear is charred off it. I sold the toolslide off it a few years ago but have many other parts from it. I can check in the next couple days to see if it has an oiler. Wingit
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    Orphaned 16" South Bend lathe

    Im interested in the carriage stop, PM sent. Thanks Wingit
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    Wanted 12 3/4 aluminum round

    I need a piece of aluminum 12 3/4 inch OD with a 1 inch wall thickness 4 inches long. Would prefer with the hole but would consider solid or a piece of plate. 6061 is good. Thanks Wingit
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    Waterjet options for 2 inch thick aluminum

    The original flywheel is cast iron which is the Female part and the Male gear is steel. Given the low Horsepower and Large size of the coupler I think Aluminum would be fine plus I would like to keep it as light as possible because of added weight and overhang on the Flywheel. This is a wet...
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    Waterjet options for 2 inch thick aluminum

    I dont have a waterjet, I got a few old manual machines and would have to hire this piece made. I didn't think of wire EDM, If that is a better way Im good with it. There is a waterjet machine in town but found they are too busy with their own work. Don't know of any EDM shops. Thanks Wingit
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    Waterjet options for 2 inch thick aluminum

    I have a project where I need an internal gear and external gear cut out to make a drive coupler to match an engine to a transmission on a wheel loader.The internal gear is 12 1/4" major diameter with 72 teeth that are straight cut like a giant spline and the outer gear is about 17" diameter...
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    How to cast engine manifold

    I have some old engines with rusted up manifolds and would like to know if it is feasible to have new ones cast. As far as I know there are no reproductions being made. There is a foundry near my town I want to check with but would like to know more about the process and how difficult it is to...
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    Auction update

    Hi cb1 Did you bring up the missing jaw to the auctioneer? I have been to many large auctions and find all kinds of funny things happening. I wonder what 1 jaw would be good for?
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    For Sale 6 inch diameter lathe boring bar $1200

    This bar is from a Dainichi M85 CNC lathe