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  1. metal-ica

    Mastercam post for haas St20

    When my Haas 9000 programs got corrupted they emailed them to me to reload - for free.
  2. metal-ica

    Mastercam post for haas St20

    I generally agree with this sentiment, however he bought the software with a perpetual license and had free access to a generic HAAS post back then....he just lost it or didn't download it. That said, the fanuc post should work...if he wants someone to customize it he has to pony-up.
  3. metal-ica

    Machining confession thread.

    I put an end mill in a drill chuck today.:Ithankyou:
  4. metal-ica

    Moving from outsourcing to in-house manufacturing

    So you want to ... - Buy equipment, rent space and hire someone to run your parts and / or - team up with some random person/company and run two businesses out of one location. Because ... You want to recapture all that profit your vendor is making on $120,000 / year ??? Sounds like a...
  5. metal-ica

    Inspection Tool Identification

    I got handed down some machinist tools and don't know what this is. It's like an indicator stand with a moving base...labeled "wall thickness variation detent" If anyone has use for it and wants to pay for shipping I'll send it your way.
  6. metal-ica

    Inconel 718 Annealed and Aged

    Round Bar is your problem. 1/4" plate Cut / Stress Relieve / Double disc grind. This is in my wheelhouse. Edit - You can also try cutting that round bar .050" over then stress relieve and double disc grind but not ideal. McMaster has plate
  7. metal-ica

    Avoiding Sales Tax on Machine Purchase?

    I remember seeing this advertised a lot about 20 years ago but not sure if I've seen it lately. You used to be able to buy a Volvo/Mercedes from the factory, fly there and drive it around while you were there. They would then store it for x-amount of days and ship it to you to avoid paying the...
  8. metal-ica

    US General Toolbox

    Why do mechanics spend 5 figures on their Snap-On tool boxes and machinists buy HF?
  9. metal-ica

    Shop in Garage

    I would 100% do this! Make him save money or take a loan so he has skin in the game. Put the air compressor in a sound proof closet (with vents) and run as much electrical as you can. If your son starts a thread on here of his journey I'm sure there will be people willing to donate used...
  10. metal-ica

    Shop Rates for CAD, CAM, and Machining Time ... the same or different?

    Interesting. I always thought programming / design work would be charged significantly more per hour because it's a higher skill set and harder to scale. I always mark-up material and outside services 15-50% I know people who don't markup at all. I usually throw in consumables (end mills /...
  11. metal-ica

    Why all the animosity towards Titan and others like him?

    For what it's worth...I have a Saunders plate and I like it. OK, now I'm trolling
  12. metal-ica

    Why all the animosity towards Titan and others like him?

    lol....sorry, I haven't read the 17 pages.
  13. metal-ica

    Why all the animosity towards Titan and others like him?

    What's wrong with Saunders?
  14. metal-ica

    Experience with Federated Insurance?

    I have used them for many years without problems. Had a burglary where the shitbags were probably looking for a growing operation. When they didn't find what they wanted they just made a mess of the place on their way out and broke my Keyence vision system for fun. The claim went smoothly and...
  15. metal-ica

    Justification for converting manual garage doors to automatic

    Curious....what does it cost to change over 3 garage doors to auto? If the whole door needs to be replaced for whatever reason... it's not an insignificant amount.
  16. metal-ica

    I have a Hass VF1 looking for customers

    Honestly, not a terrible idea. Start building stuff, make contacts, and build a portfolio of work knowing you're not making money. Better yet, start making your own product.
  17. metal-ica

    When does NET30 start?

    multi-year / multi-machine / $250 an hour .... don't complain
  18. metal-ica

    15K Spindle Warmup Dilemma

    How did you get them to warranty the spindle?
  19. metal-ica

    I have a 2023 DNM5700. Is the coolant/chip management really supposed to be this terrible?

    These guys might be able to help.... www.swarf-unlimited.com/
  20. metal-ica

    How would you build a sound proof compressor room?

    Curious....how do you have these hooked up? A primary and if it can't keep up the 2nd compressor kicks in automatically and so on?