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    Looking for Boston, MA based Cyclindrical Grinding Shop

    Good Morning, I have a small 316ss shaft ~16mm diameter by 330mm length that i need ground to 14.988mm +-.005mm (center holes for grinding already in place) Machined features as shown in diagram are already completed. I'd like to have this done somewhat locally (Somewhere between Boston, MA...
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    Waterjet table slats. FREE

    Hi there. I'm located in Boston, MA. We setup a FLOW waterjet Mach 3 3020b two months ago. The machine came with mild steel table slats. These slats spent two months immersed in the tank and now resemble the hull of the titanic. I'm replacing them with stainless. While they are rusty, ive only...
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    Picking out a new Forklift

    I’m shopping for a new forklift and was interested to pick your collective brains. Here are my constraints: Machine weight: 10000lb max Lift capacity: 4000lb min Solid Knob tires 4 Wheels 17’ min fork height at full extension Side shift equipt So, what would ya’ll recommend? A used unit would...
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    A few questions about a CMZ Model TL15 CNC Turning Center

    Good Morning Folks, I run a small machine shop in support of an R&D department for a mid-size company. Our company has just acquired a competitor of ours and as such, we are in the process of absorbing some of their assets. Among these assets is a CMZ Model TL15 Turning Center. Serial #680...
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    RFQ Steel Gear Duplicated w/ different tooth count

    Hi there, I have a steel gear with 15 teeth. I know next to nothing in regard to identifying its geometry. I would like an identical gear made but slightly smaller (13 teeth). Material can be whatever those in the know would recommend for a standard low duty cycle steel gear. I would like to...
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    Looking for US source of Large Diameter 6AL-4V Ti Rounds

    My usual sources have thus far failed me on this one. I am looking to source the following in 6AL-4V w/ mill certs. Quantity 2 11”Diameter x 26” Length Quantity 2 8” Diameter x 20” Length Can anyone recommend a supplier who would have what I'm after? The closer to new...
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    Impressive Manufacturing Video. Beretta Shotgun from conception to delivery

    Not sure if this has been posted here previously. Nothing appeared in a search…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lfo1QUGfWZE
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    Slightly OT: Exposure to Aluminium may impact on male fertility

    Exposure to Aluminium may impact on male fertility New research from scientists in the UK and France suggests that human exposure to aluminium may be a significant factor in falling sperm counts and reduced male fertility. Fluorescence microscopy using an aluminium-specific stain confirmed the...
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    RFQ Set of small 4140 plates

    52 Pieces total. Quantities and specs of bore diameters can be found on the table on the drawing. The bore will change but the fillets can all remain the same. The holes are very small in some instances (as small as 1 mm). These will be used as guides for a fiber tow so of absolute...
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    Advice Request: Setting up a machineshop overseas. Consultant Needed.

    Good Morning Ladies and Gentleman, I work for a company which builds a product which incorporates a line of titanium and stainless steel machined parts. We develop and design these products in the US and then transition the fabrication of our finished product to our production facility in...
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    Help! Haas TM 1P Z-Axis Crash and Subsequent Z-Axis Load Reading

    Good morning Ladies and Gentleman, I came in to work this morning to find that due to an incorrect z offset, one of our TM-1P mills had crashed into the workpiece and timed out the machine. I backed the tool out of the part and restarted the machine. The spindle sounds fine, and checks out run...