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    Small Side Projects and Spin Off Products - Crowd Sourcing?

    Hi All, Wondering how many shops have had success spinning of small products or products lines? We are giving our first real attempt by launching a small curiosity project on Kickstarter. We've designed a made a handful of Finger Treadle Engines. We'll see how they go. It's a test campaign to...
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    FP5NC with Dialog 3 For Sale to Good Home

    Greetings all, I have a 1985 FP5NC available for sale. It is equipped with the Dialog 3 control and is fully functional. It was under power and running earlier this year but has just recently been de-powered and moved to a heated storage. Needed to make room for the DMU80P... The operating...
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    MillPlus Five Axis V4.10 Post Processing

    Greetings All, I am working on building a post processor for a newly acquired DMU80P five axis mill. Can anyone with a similar machine and control (MillPlus V4.10) provide some snippets of simultaneous five axis code that is known to work? This machine has an indexing head (either vertical or...
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    MillPlus Ethernet Connection

    Greetings all! Trying to get my 1999 DMU80P with MillPlus (ver. 410) connected to a windows 7 PC via Ethernet. Anybody done this successfully using the tcpip.cfg file? Any succesful NFS transfers from windows using CNC Data Station or other NFS server for windows? Any help would be...
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    Gibbs CAM Deckel Dialog 3 post processor?

    Greetings All, Does anybody happen to have, or know about, an existing post GibbsCam processor for the Deckel Dialog 3 Control? :confused: I have a job that requires the particularly strange tilt head arrangement and clearances of my FP5NC, but the geometry is beyond hand written code. Any...
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    CNC Tapping Stainless Steels

    Greetings All, Looking for information and experiences tapping small diameters (under 1/4") in various stainless steels, Carpenter Project 70, AISI 316, AISI 303, 440C, etc. What tap brands, geometries and techniques have been led to success? Every tap manufacturer seems to sell a $38.00 magic...
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    Dialog 3 Communications

    Struggling to communicate between a windows 7 machine using PC-DNC Editor and 1985 Deckel Dialog 3. Code Punched from the Dialog 3 results in a single line of unintelligible characters at the PC. I cannot get anything to go to the Dialog from the PC:wall:. Any thoughts? Anybody communicating via...