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    Anybody runing Tongtai machines

    Are these mills any good?
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    New FADAL 64MP control?

    Anybody running any new FADAL's? Looking at possibly buying a new 2015HS or a 2520R. Any feed back would be nice.
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    Bridgeport V480

    I'm looking to purchase one. Has anyone had any bad experiences with these or newer Bridgeport's?
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    Nsk fmdi

    i have a NSK indexer on my TC227 and can not find a program manual for this . The control is a NSK FMDI pendant any info where to look would be appreciated
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    RS 232 and TC-227

    I have a brother tc 227 it is G and M code programing I'm trying to to get the RS 232 working on it Can I use hyper terminal to talk to it or do I have to get special software to do this. I have contacted my local brother dealer and made up the 25 pin to 9 pin cable per their diagram that they...