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    ot; DRILLING 1.25"diameter hole with hole saw through quartzite. I need to drill several 1.25 Diameter holes through. a quarztite shower surround.

    Site does not allow me to add more to my original message soo.. I will use flood water coolant. Chipping is not a concern. This is to mount grab bars. Stud finder does not work. I would guess quartzite is one inch thick or so. It is not quartz which is all I can find info about. That info...
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    Ball bearing for 20,000 RPM wood router, seals?

    I need to replace one or maybe two sealed ball bearing on a old Stanley wood router. Back in the day they used shielded because rubber seals could not hold up at that speed. Is that still true or can I use modern sealed types. I assume grease and seal materials are better then they were in...
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    Interesting drill press table lift

    I saw this picture in a C-list ad for a farm sale. The place is a huge junk collection. I think it is a Walker Turner with extra bracing on the back side. Bill D.
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    FYI: Home Depot no longer stocks iron pipe fittings

    Home depots near me no longer stock iron pipe or iron pipe fittings. They have to be ordered online. I am doing a gas dryer install and I have to wait a few days for a simple 1/2" NPT elbow! At least it is free shipping to home or store. Lowes website shows they still stock iron pipe stuff.
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    Silicone gloves for shop use

    SIlicone gloves for kitchen use have come way down in price. How does silicone stand up to common shop oils and grease. They seem to be rated at 500 F. They are much thicker and not as dextral as the throw away nitrile. May be useful for degreasing etc. if they stand up to the chemicals. Bill D.
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    Good shop towels

    Last info about shop towels source is 2015 so what is a good source of general use cotton towels. I bought some at horrible fright and returned them. Thin like cheesecloth I could see through them. Did not absorb liquids probably not much cotton in the 100 cotton fabric. Costco towels were...
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    Photo electric control name/source

    I would like to buy a simple 120 volt photo electric control unit. Just like all those for sale everywhere to turn lights on at dark and off at daylight. Only I want the reverse function to turn a pump on at daylight and off at dark. All I can find is how to use a fancy PLC/ Ardeno unit to do...
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    Old school large gear making video

    I was surprised they did no rough casting of the teeth. Most cutting was done wit the tool upside down. I suppose it helps clear the chips faster. Bill D
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    OT: Super crude forged knife on aliexpress

    I could not post just the picture so I apologize for the link. Super crude hand forged knife. Looks one short step up from stone age tools. Makes those guys in India casting truck parts from scrap look like real craftsmen using high tech. The tool looks to big to be a truck spring as a...
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    New oil for gummy 60 year old sleeve bearings

    I have inherited my father's Dumore tool post grinder. He had not used it for the last 50-60 years. This has oil cups or holes on the motor and arbor so I assume sleeve bearing. I would prefer not to take it apart. I said gummy but the bearings actually feel fine I just know they have dried...
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    Cutting 6" diameter hole in 3/4" rubber mat

    I want to put a horse stall mat under and in front of my lathe. To go under I need to cut two six inch diameter holes for the lathe feet pads. I was thinking hole saw or jig saw. Mat is too big and heavy to use a flycutter in the drillpress. I cut straight cuts with a razor knife but curves...
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    End treatment for 1/8" stainless cable

    I need to cut a 1/8" stainless steel multistrand cable. I assume cut it with bolt cutters. I would like some type of end treatment so it looks clean and not frayed. If it was steel bike cable I would soft solder it before cutting. I do not have TIG or MIG. Just a stick welder or a propane...
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    General oiling, detergent or non-detergent oil

    For general oiling using a pump oil can does it make any difference if the oil is detergent or non-detergent. This is for low speed stuff like the lead screw tailstock end bearing. I doubt the temeprature is high enough for any detergent action to occur. The new oil would probably wash out...
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    Crc Di-Electric Grease Aerosol, bad can?

    I bought a spray can of CRC dielectric grease in a spray can. There appears to be no solids in the spray. Just solvent that evaporates leaving no trace behind. can has a rattle ball that seems to hit the bottom with no sludge inside. Not even like a paint can. Did I get a bad can or am I...
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    Lube oil for Harrison m300 feedbox

    I need to drain and refill the feedgear box on a Harrison M300 lathe,. I do not know if it has any yellow metal in it or not. The manual. called for Castrol alpha ZN 220, Shell viteria 220, BP Energol HP 150 (ISO). These are all obsolete. My brief research says 220 is API 50 weight oil. Does...
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    Eighty year old man casting a gear, video

    Bill D
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    Bandsaw blade depth

    In selecting a bandsaw blade a deeper blade can not cut as small a radius. Other then that are there any drawbacks if the cuts are at 90 degrees. It seems like a deeper blade has more beam strength and is less likely to deflect. I suppose a bigger blade may cost a little bit more. For my 14"...
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    Source for machine moving casters

    I need to buy some swivel casters 4-6 inch diameter. Harbor fright no longer carries metal wheel casters and I do not trust their plastic to last. Tractor supply seems overpriced but maybe that is the new normal pricing. Shipping can be a deal breaker for such heavy stuff. Bill D
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    Metric drill set types questions

    A general question about metric drill sets. In the USA we have fractional, number and letter size drills. There seems to be more consistancy about metric drill sizes. Are there different size ratios/patterns used for different set types. I am sure that below say. 1cm size jumps get smaller...
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    Engine crane leg angle design question

    I have noticed all the cheap engine cranes use a similar leg design. They have the legs splayed out at an angle of roughly 10 degrees from center. I have not actually measured the angle but the pictures all seem to be the same angle. Why was this angle chosen? Or was it the first one was...