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    Way OT: Microwave oven Xfomer water pump ?

    and a D.C powered one ? :
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    Another one gone, SKF Bearing In Avon, Ohio

    https://cleveland.craigslist.org/hvo/d/avon-public-auction-of-skf-usa-inc/7511937287.html Is this the Avon bearing company that made the large rotek bearings for excavators & cranes ?
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    Specialized Vertical mill for EDM Carbons ? Makino SNC 64

    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/689199725840024/?ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post In nearby Meadville, Pa. where there is allot of plastic mold shops.
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    The Old Patagonian Express begins this Saturday, a series of tourist excursions (Steam Railfans)

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    Weldors welding on welders ...Why ?

    I see this all the time, welding machines with hooks for cables welded onto the sheet metal (usually pretty badly) Walked into a friends shop, brand new Lincoln aluminum multiprocess inverter with a screen, push pull gun, all the bells and whistles. Glommed on welds at the back for bent chunks...
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    Antique lineshaft driven shop model.

    Log into Facebook no affiliation.
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    New Class 8 Electric truck

    Mack Trucks Introduces Next Generation Mack(R) LR Electric with Improved Range and Capacity Seems like a good first application for the truck, short runs, home every night for charging. Also good for ongoing R&D.
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    Historic small train station, question on some Items pictured.

    Pilcaniyeu (Rio Negro) Patagonia Argentina - Google Photos Red item inside office, with some pins or rods in various slots, meter on top. Google Photos some kind of scale or fuel meter ?
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    Large (75 hp) single phase motors, "Written Pole"

    FYI: Precise Power Corporation
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    Climax Loco undergoing Restoration at the factory site, Volunteers wanted too

    Restoration of Historic Locomotive Keeps Moving Forward - Erie News Now | WICU and WSEE in Erie, PA Might even need some gear experts on this Loco.
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    50 H.P. motor "CONVERTED FROM 3 PHASE TO 110/200AMP"

    HAMMERMILL - farm & garden - by owner - sale I wonder how that works ????
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    How desperate are the AR-15 80% lower crowd ?

    So it was a CNC machine sold just to doo that operation for the un-informed masses. Now this : Proxxon 37110 MICRO Mill MF 70, Green - Power Milling Machine Accessories - Amazon.com Scroll down to "questions": Question:Would this machine be adequate for milling AR-15 lower receivers? Answer:I...
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    South Bend pedestal Grinder For Sale

    120 vac single phase. $500 Location, North West Pa.
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    VFD on a constant pressure feedwater pump ..... How ?

    My neighbor, a drives engineer, recently put a VFD on a boiler feedwater pump, and I can't understand how it works. He couldn't explain it, rather he set's the programming to "hold pressure", there are preloaded programs just for this application. So these are centrifugal (multistage) pumps...
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    Drill Grinder for sale

    I'm not sure of the manuf, it may be a copy of a brierley. 220 3 phase motor See pix of cams, several gages and parts in base. $250 this should really be picked up. I could crate it for additional fee, and drop it off to one of the national carriers in Erie, pa.
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    Snow Tapping machine pneumatic lift cylinder assembly $25

    Removed from service, valve worked fine in operation. Ram leaks air, will need new piston packing. I unscrewed end cap and see packing is a normal cup style of packing. I don't like this type of table lift, and have replaced it with a simple trailer jack.
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    Large spade drill & holder (2 3/4" dia.) $100

    markings on body: 3-76-074-511 dimensions: .50 thick blade insert 2.000 dia shank (no grub screw marks, very clean) 15 1/4" overall length. blade insert is 2 3/4" approx. Has coolant thru. Note: item is dirty, with only minimal rust, most brown is plain old dirt. $100 plus shipping.
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    Largish SB lathe in Coudersport, pa $1300

    metal lathe - tools - by owner - sale No affiliation, I just came across the advert, thought someone would like it.
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    "Hand Hewn" molding planer ???

    HAND HEWN MOLDER - tools - by owner - sale Wouldn't that just be some lumps applied to the feed rollers ?
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    O.E.M. Haas-Kamp on TD plasma cutter ?

    Picked up an old Thermal Dynamics Pak-5xr the other day, downloaded the manual. Mine is the single phase version. However, looking at the schematic, it appears the factory simply did a Haas-Kamp (or similar) change for single phase. Those caps are 60 mfd each, the resistors are simply the...