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    Making a larger Bijur Pump Tank

    Pop bottle upside down, tube extension into tank. When level goes down, air will go in tube, allow oil out to fill tank until blocked again.
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    Stub carbide drills..........

    So how does this equate to post #10 ?
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    OT - Shop insulation

    Gonna buy a tow behind chipper, chip it right in the woods, and store the chips in a silo, auger/blow it into the boiler.....:D
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    US flat: what spindle power for a home hobbiest?

    Try over at "The Zone" for homebuilt machines please. www.cnc-zone.com
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    Pickup hitch mounted hoists/engine lifts

    How will this work whilst "DuneBashing" in said truck ?
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    Name that mystery part....

    YES ! What it's good for is locking this thread.... And try selling in the tooling section.
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    Lane Furniture terminates 2,500 employees via Email.

    Hey Now ! Your losing PM E.S.G. points and will be voted off the island with postings like this.....
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    Prototype Shop

    not at all. the spammer blew in here dredging up every thread with the word "prototype" in it. What's wrong with what I posted eh ?
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    Missed one...

    Missed one: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/asu-needs-a-prototype-shop-cnc-machinist.407206/
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    Questions about getting my prototype manufactured- what's needed for an RFP?

    Missed one: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/asu-needs-a-prototype-shop-cnc-machinist.407206/
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    Prototype Shop

    Here's one you missed: https://www.practicalmachinist.com/forum/threads/asu-needs-a-prototype-shop-cnc-machinist.407206/
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    Geometric threading head Jones & Lamson Model 20S

    Well Kenneth R. Tarmack, if you listed is on eBay and here, it's customary to offer PM members a discount off the Ebay price. Unless your just "Saturation Bombing" everywhere you can get a foothold in... Following the book "Guerilla Marketing" I see.
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    Orange Vise Length for Tormach 770

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    Looking for Brake Press Ideas for Large Radius Bend

    Car & Ship channel works nice too.
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    Single tank dual pump air compressor setup/hookup

    But then you need the tank recertified in many jurisdictions.
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    WTB - 120 Volt Standing Drill Press in PNW

    How much money ?
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    Stub carbide drills..........

    How much will scrapping them bring you ?
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    Crap work from a "high end" Chinese prototype shop

    Seeing how you are dredging up every thread with the word "prototype" in it, makes you a spammer.
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    3rd party machine inspection in NYC area?

    From the OP "... with me watching via Facetime."