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    Metric Gears 10EE FS

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-tool-other/ottawa/monarch-10ee-metric-change-gears/1541894091 Not mine in Ontario Bob
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    Collets Black Friday Giveaway

    18 collets for $18 plus shipping. I am in Canada so shipping may be a bit more than expected so send your zip and I will get a quote. Bob
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    FS Expanding Arbors and 5C Fixture

    1. Arbors are 1/2,5,8 and 7/8 , 1/2 is used other two are new $45 2. 5C fixture does not require closer new, $30 Bob
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    FS Small collets, rubber-Flex , double angle and watchmakers

    1. jacobs rubber flex marked Ortlieb 3.5-8.5 and 6.5-100 mm $50 for the pair 2. Unknown small double angle $10 for the lot 3 Unknown I think watchmaker $10 for the lot Bob
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    FS Reamer and Arbor

    MT 4 reamer marked Alvord Polk $25 Jacobs Arbor MT5 x Jt4 $25 Plus shipping Thanks Bob
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    Z Collets Double Taper

    7 used collets as shown $30 plus shipping Bob
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    FS Collets Deckel Maho Type

    Three new collets as shown $16 plus shipping Bob
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    Collets FS Cheap

    I know its not a good way to list things but I am getting lazy if you see any thing that might work for you let me know and I will get the details as best as I can. The ones at back are bigger. Bob
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    WTB over/under reamers

    Set up to .5 or even loose ones if you have a few Thanks Bob
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    FS Collets

    1. Thought these were for SB lathe but no. Thread is metric 1modx20mm shank is 22mm. All SAE sizes, $25 for lot plus shipping 2. These might be for tool and cutter grinder, $25 for lot 3.No idea what these fit free plus shipping Bob
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    Haas Lead Screws

    These came off a VF0 we scrapped years ago, sorry don't remember which axis. Free for shipping Bob
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    Shout out to two good companies

    McMaster of course. I needed a gear for a lathe I was fixing. No specs but figured it would be metric as lathe was built in Taiwan. Ordered two both turned out not to be the one I needed. Called M asked if I could return them, the guy said you can return anything you buy from us. He offered to...
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    Dumb question

    Do pull the lever toward front or push back to lock tailstock to bed ? Bob
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    Free Stuff

    Lot 1 PDQ holder,127 T gear, cover for South Bend lathe Lot 2 Watch maker collets number and fractional Lot 3Okuma LS special tools any or all free plus shipping Bob
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    What dissolves walnut shell

    I use Kresto hand cleaner and really like it but it slows down the drain over time. Grocery store drain cleaner does not work is there anything else? Bob
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    How long to cut this

    Not asking for a quote just an opinion. I made the part on my very old and slow machine just wondering how long it would take on a more up to date one. It is 1 1/4 thick mild steel and I estimate about 12 inches of cut. Bob
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    OT Cataract Surgery

    Has anyone had the implanted lens changed after treatment? Several years ago I had mine done, right eye is perfect left eye not so good. Thought I would get used to it but not getting any better. Talked to eye doctor and she said not to try replacing the lens because its an invasive procedure...
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    Mit digital caliper f'd??

    Turned on all I get is 5 flashing dots, battery is ok. Pretty sure its garbage, not that old but out of warranty. Not going to call Mit they screwed me once on a repair wont give them another chance plus even if they could fix it would be more than buying a new replacement. Bob
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    FS Sandvik BTS tool holders

    8 holders and three shanks, the bigger one appears to be shop made $100 plus $20 shipping Bob
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    FS Tool Holder Kit coolant

    Used once, works ok $75 delivered Bob