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    What tonnage of press should I buy for closed die forging of small parts?

    I am looking into getting a hydraulic press for closed die forging of small parts (15x30x30mm) in stainless steel. What should I go for?
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    What is the ideal setup for milling a long fluted rod?

    I wish to mill some long fluted rods of a decorative nature (precision is therefore not so important a factor), but before I buy any accessories I thought I might ask about any alternative methods. My original plan was to buy a dividing head, as it would allow a large number of flutes and come...
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    How to put the table back on a Vernier FV3A?

    I have recently bought a Vernier FV3A universal mill, but in order to get it into the shop the table will have to be removed. Would anyone here happen to have any advice on reattaching the table on this model of machine?
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    Forging stainless?

    Hello I am doing the costing of starting a medium sized factory that makes small-medium sized stainless parts. I would like to ask if anyone here knows what equipment is needed to perform die forging on stainless and if it is viable for a medium sized factory? The parts I wish to forge would be...
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    International shipping of machinery yes or no?

    I am goin to set up a factory in another country, but the milling machines where I am are an order of magnitude cheaper and more easily available, would it be viable to buy say several milling machines down here and ship them to my factory?
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    So I accidentally bought an Taiwanese milling machine, what should I do?

    So I accidentally bought a Taiwanese turret milling machine thinking it was US, I have heard a lot of horror stories about taiwanese machines and am wondering what I should do. A small plate on the side says "model 1045kv" and "1988", there is no brand name anywhere on the machine itself.