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    Vibratory bowl finishing - ebonite and acrylics/resins

    I have a bowl tumbler and am trying to figure out the best media/polishing compound combo to get a nice high gloss finish on my parts. I hand sand everything first b/c machining marks, but that plus the hours buffing is really taking a toll on my shoulder and arm. Any suggestions? IS it even...
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    machining 3d printed plastics

    Which of the plastics from shapeways machine the best? I want to print a tube with inclusions, then pour resin in there, and machine it so the inclusions show up as little ribbons in the finished part. Thanks
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    ACME thread tooling help please

    Hi everybody - I make pens - so will only be cutting plastics. Using a tormach slant pro CNC lathe. I need to cut acme style threads for a client and I'm looking at this for internal- Acme Threading Tools - Series 32 And I have this for external- 35214 - ID Threading Tool: SIL0375H11 but I'm...