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    Amada RG25 press brake: pump accidentally ran backwards

    I've had the machine for a while and ran great. Went to do some rewiring in the shop and accidentally swapped legs so it ran the pump in reverse. I fixed it and went to run the machine, now the ram is painfully slow and sometimes not responsive. Is there something I can do to fix this?
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    Measuring max temp in oven conveyor

    We have a conveyor system that dips a part in varnish and oven cures it around 300ish F. I have a digital monitor to see the oven temp but I want assurance that throughout the process, it's to never exceed 340F on the conveyor hanger (wanting to test high temp RFID tags to merry parts to hanger...
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    Smart CNC Machines

    While at IMTS this year, I came across the Smart CNC Machine booth. Prices seem too reasonable and rumors say some of their machines are built on Japanese frames (I recall seeing an HMC that said it was made by Niigata or something rather). I see they're also new so it's hard to get a feel on...
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    How did you get established?

    Curious how some of you managed to open your own job shop especially if it was a solo venture? I can't imagine it's like opening a restaurant. I can wrap my head if you're making products but being a job shop making small runs leaves me wondering. Did you work for someone else and pocket a few...
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    Used CNC machine sales company in the midwest

    Wondering what people can recommend (closer to Missouri the better)? We have to spend some money before the end of the year. We can't really do auctions due to the financial bureaucracy. We never dealt with many resellers so feedback would be nice on who to use and who to avoid. Looking...
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    Center clamping mechanism for Hey facing and centering machine

    We have three of these machines here and only one is operational; the other two are our parts cars. The only issues we have are the clamping heads. They all tend to seize over time where they can't be adjusted but can still clamp. I'm sure they can be rebuilt but I was thinking of taking it...
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    NDA for subbing out work

    I'm going to be quoting a job where I might have to sub out the companies logo to have a sign made. Is there a template I can build off of to have the sign company sign so they're not to disclose or publicly post the work? I'm a side-job, one-man-band so I don't have a [business] lawyer handy. I...
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    Any vibration analysts in the house?

    I'm trying to upgrade an old, antiquated analog vibration analyzer in our facility to something modern. I'm doing this based on a few reasons but mostly because our products get retested by the customer so I wanted to mimic their testing equipment and procedures to eliminate discrepancies (we've...
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    Step pulley drill press VFD conversion: Continuous boost function

    So I had spare time/money to convert my 20" Jet drill press from step pulley to VFD. Running a 4.5" pulley on the motor to the what I measure 7.5" step (bottom) on the spindle pulley. RPM range is fine for what I need but would like a little more grunt on the lower RPMs. I'm using a Siemens...
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    Tree Journeyman 325: Determining motor encoder wiring

    I managed to retrofit a Hitachi SJ P1 VFD to my Tree Journeyman 325 General Numeric spindle motor. Now I would like to integrate the encoder using the Hitachi P1-FB. The Tree I retrofitted was gutted and there wasn't a VFD, just the frame and ends of cut wires. I can't find a wiring diagram...
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    Robotic welding cell integrators in the Midwest

    We have an old OTC/Daihen welding cell with a turntable that is finally taking its last dump. We've resurrected this thing to the point I'm going to tell management we need a new robot. Last tech said this is the last of it in regards to parts. It's 20 years old and worn out from the days of...
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    Any Siemens VFD gurus in the house? Proprietary cable?

    Hooking up an older V20 and can buy the external BOP and module for a few bucks to remote the controls. However, it takes a DB9 cable to connect the two. Anyone know if it's an off-the-shelf cable or some crazy crossover?
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    Tapping solution/fluid/paste/etc

    I've been fighting this process where I have to drill and tap fourteen 1/4-20 on this 4140PH shaft shoulder that I have to reach in about 6 inches but doesn't give me enough clearance around the shaft to get a proper tap extension. My best solution is using a hand tap extension. I bent the...
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    Asbestos in wiring?

    I've been retrofitting an old Tree Journeyman and came across some 4 conductor cable that was used for the button to activate the power drawbar. Seems like normal rubber jacketed power wire but when I cut into it, a white, fibrous substance came out. I never been around asbestos but I'm...
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    Contacted by contractor for quote

    I normally avoid contractors like the plague; not based on my experience but my fathers. He went bankrupt from his largest job because the contractor ended up underbidding a huge government job. The contractors cut and ran and left all the subs hurting and my father had to shut the doors shortly...
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    Rebranded import machines: home shop upgrade

    I just work in the basement/garage with a handful of machines and am wanting to look at upgrading my Harbor Freight floor standing drill press and maybe get a horizontal bandsaw. I know most of these import machines leave the same factory, just with different logos and paint jobs. I can look at...
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    Tool/MRO crib/cage access and inventory tracking solutions

    I can't believe I work for a multi-billion dollar company and our facility is stuck in the stone ages by hand writing tickets to check out tools and other MRO items. Since this company doesn't replace people when they leave, responsibilities get divided amongst the rest. We had a full time...
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    Floating tap with rigid cycle

    BLUF, I'm not a machinist or very experienced. I've been fighting an ongoing issue with tapping some 4140 prehard material where I have to use unconventional methods to extend the tap length (using a hand tap extension to reach past a shaft shoulder where numerous extensions have collided with...
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    Fadal drive swapping and repair

    We had a Fadal that had an X-axis drive error. Our maintenance guy retired last month so I took a poke at it. I saw the X-axis drive wasn't lit inside the cabinet and fortunately we had a parts car I could scavenge from to swap the drives. Powered right up and is operational. Question is, are...
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    What would this machine be called and where to find another?

    We have this old turning center at work. It's completely hydraulically driven and controlled. It's Japanese built and the company is called Fuji but that's all I can find on it. There's no documentation on it. My former PM hired a bunch of handymen paint the machines in the plant and the...