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    W&S #3 clutch adjustment

    Yes ,the oil is good.........clutches do wear beyond adjustment ,at which time you need to renew linings or maybe a whole plate pack........adjustment is generally by a threaded ring ,with a series of slots around the OD and a spring loaded locking device......never over adjust clutches...
  2. J

    Multi Start Threading on Manual Lathe Question

    As an aside,currently available Chinese HSS is so crumbly ,you cant cut with a ground point ,as in threading........look in your glory box for a piece of Fagersta or Poldi Stahl and your threadcutting will be enabled.
  3. J

    How can I make an out of state sell into a cash on barrel head exchange?

    Used to be quite common to give the truck driver a certified cheque to be handed over after the machine was loaded .......we had one unbreakable rule........no payment until the item was on the truck ..........this insures you wont be buying a heap of freshly busted bits ..........I recall one...
  4. J

    Threading conundrum

    All the high speed single point auto threaders feed the tool in at 90deg,and produce a perfect thread ......so any angle less than 90 is probably good.
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    I keep hearing that this winter will be bad for manufacturing in Europe.

    When the GST (goods and services tax) was levied here in 2001 ,the states were required to drop all state taxes ,and instead use their share of the GST take .........to my knowledge ,no state tax in any state was dropped or even reduced......and the states set to squabbling over their cut of...
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    Automotive Transmission for lathe speed control

    What would likely work is a CVT meshbelt car transmission.......probably not necessary ,as rubber V belt expanding pulley transmissions work OK........incidentally ,before WW2 there was a Heyes auto trans for cars ,and Landis used exactly the same idea for grinder feed variator.
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    Multi Start Threading on Manual Lathe Question

    Cut one pass on 4 tpi lead ,and have a look at that.
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    Machine shop floor team development setup and management? How did you start?

    Once you have employees ,everything has to be double fail safe .....no employee will give the same attention to detail or experience to any job that you do.......and if you rely on an employee to 'do the extra yards' on a job,then you better feel lucky,.........consequently things like profit...
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    Bolt material selection

    As a student of multiple failures in Chinese Gr8 bolts,I have come to the conclusion Chinese Gr8 are the same material as Gr5 ,just hardened right out.
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    Forklift Safety

    The best safety breach Ive seen was a crane lifting a steel rail inside a shed ,rail was too close to the wall to balance,so one of the painters grabbed the short end and sat on it to balance it .......soon as the dummy driving the crane sees that ,he raises the rail 20 ft high to give the...
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    I keep hearing that this winter will be bad for manufacturing in Europe.

    In a lot of the Eurozone ,VAT (sales tax) is at a 20-25% rate,and the governments still needs lots of extra taxes like heavy gasoline excise,alcohol taxes of up to 100%,gambling tax etc ,etc,and cant make do with that ,and so income tax and inheritance tax at high rates is also added to the...
  12. J

    Anybody TIG welded fine silver?

    Melted silver is exceptionally fluid ,which I suspect is why its generlly soldered with an 85% Ag content solder.
  13. J

    How to remove a seized internal snap ring placed in bore aluminum tube.

    Nitric acid pickling gel to remove rust stains from stainless also contains hydroflouric acid.........so do be careful ..........the old boss at the refinery used to say "Hydroflouric acid will neutralize on your bones."
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    Help With New Customer

    In the old days,to get anywhere in business,you had to provide checkable references .....I suggest the new customer should provide you with some trade references, so that you can determine if you want to continue with them .
  15. J

    Bolt material selection

    Dont go to a bolt shop either .....if'n ya dont want prefractured chinesium.......buy the bolts ,studs, nuts,washers ,etc at a Caterpillar spare parts outlet.
  16. J

    New Shop Concrete Thickness

    If you pay for extra thickness concrete ,be there when the forms ,mesh,rod,tie and pour is happening.......see the formwork and steel layout tied in place on the day of the pour......and let the concretors know you will be there ,wearing rubber boots,and with a depth measure spike.
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    New Shop Concrete Thickness

    My puny 4" slab got a test straight off.....the truck delivering the Landis and drill drove on the new slab,put crane outriggers on the slab with just rubber sheet ......gross 28 tons ....plus whatever the outrigger load was ..probably 12 tons on 2sq ft .......no cracks ,no marks ,no problems.
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    How to remove a seized internal snap ring placed in bore aluminum tube.

    Yes ,hot alum sol will dissolve steel and not damage Al......the solution must be hot ,workpiece hot too.
  19. J

    I keep hearing that this winter will be bad for manufacturing in Europe.

    According to the telly,BlackRocks method of green transition is to buy up all the US trailer parks ,evict long term residents ,and raise rents ,thereby making more homeless.........and more money for Larry