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    Jigsaw blades to cut welds and plate?

    In my neck of the woods there are rental places that have Oxy/Acet cutting setups for $50-60 per day (+ gas). Can't imagine this is much more expensive than all the saw blades you'll need, plus your time. A sawzall will probably work better than a jigsaw. I've used them for cutting fairly heavy...
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    Can't find a carbide version of this bit?

    "Spot Weld Removal Drill" or "Cutter"? I have several of these identical to yours, but don't remember where I got them. The better ones have a spring loaded pilot to hold center as cut progresses (works best with a small pilot hole for tip) and replaceable cutter sleeves. There are several...
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    USPS $15.00 surcharge -- package over 30 inches

    The reason for the surcharge for oversize or odd shaped parcels is that they won't fit or feed through the mostly automated sorting systems being used by all of the major package movers, and requires that they be "hand carried" through the systems, greatly increasing handling time. 98(?)...
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    Argon Regulator/Flow meter w. Teflon vs PTFE seats

    Well, thanks for the reply (and link.) Maybe someone in the welding supply trade knows the difference between the two models. (Updated version of the same unit? Several places list both numbers) Thanks, Dave
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    Argon Regulator/Flow meter w. Teflon vs PTFE seats

    Looking to get new flow meters for the Mig and Tig welders. Victor lists two models with identical (seemingly) specifications other than one has "Teflon seats" and one has "PTFE seats". (0781-2723 vs 0387-0240). Some places like Grainger show a $40.00 price difference, some list both for the...
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    Krylon spray pant shortage?

    Spray Pants? Google "Body Paint", then "Images"
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    Darex Radius Attachment Dissassembly

    Darex E90 radius attachment disassembly Nope, just been horribly busy and didn't see the post on the other site. Thanks for the help, I do appreciate it!:Ithankyou: (further response on other site) Dave
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    Identifying my old lathe

    If you have lots of free time you could go to "Lathes UK" and scroll through their archives. There are hundreds of old machine tools with detailed information which I have used for researching old machines many times. Lathes + Machine Tool Archive Dave
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    Darex Radius Attachment Dissassembly

    Update: A poster on another website sez this this unit uses "either two or three rows of loose ball bearings depending on the model", but no insight as to how it comes apart (or how they knew about the bearings). What is really surprising is even Darex doesn't seem to know. I was told this...
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    Darex Radius Attachment Dissassembly

    Well....DUH!:dopeslap: The reason I didn't "Call Darex and talk to them" is because I work from 6:30 to 5:00 six days a week and unfortunatly don't have access to a phone. I did send an email to Darex to which they responded with several PDF files (Thank you to "Lorelei Frye Wiltrout" @...
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    Darex Radius Attachment Dissassembly

    Just picked up a brand new Darex E90 with radius attachment (like still in cosmoline new!:D) The spindle for the radius attachment was froze up from sitting for decades. I got it freed up and turning but it feels a little rough and I'd like to clean, lube and/or replace the bearings. Anyone know...
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    OT: GM rear hub assembly disassembly.

    I have a pair of late 80's Chevy Citation rear hub assemblies I bought used to re-purpose for a trailer axle. which has now been in trouble-free service since 1990. I was concerned the grease is getting old so I pulled them to disassemble, clean, inspect, and lube. They appear to be a simple...
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    Involute Gear Cutter Runout.

    My arbor has less than .002" run out. I measured the cutters themselves from the center bore to the tip of each tooth. I know I can just touch off with the highest tooth, but then the thing bangs away like a one tooth fly cutter because nine of the teeth aren't sharing the work, and the feed per...
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    Involute Gear Cutter Runout.

    I am working on developing a collection of involute gear cutters for my shop. I just acquired a pair of new 8DP cutters for a project and they both have what I would say is an unacceptable amount of runout. I don't expect them to track perfectly, but I feel that .018" and .027" variation...
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    YUASA 550-005 5C Rapid Indexer.

    I just bought a Yuasa model 550-005 horizontal/vertical 5C rapid indexer, apparently now discontinued. (MSC still sells a very similar unit under part #09150905.) I'm in need of a copy or file of the instruction/parts manual and have searched the internet with no success. Yuasa used to have a...