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    Accuracy of Square

    Once again Forrest thank you for the definitive answer.
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    OLD Antique Machinery Haulers' Group Membership Signup . . .

    Hi I would like to be signed up to help where I can, I love old iron and hate seeing it scrapped. Thank you LIR&F ( Lazarus Iron Rescue & Forge )
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    Bridgeport Step Pulley Restoration

    Hi a recent over the phone quote to scrape xyz and re machine table was 3500 (ouch)
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    Southbend 7" shaper for sale

    Oh hay thanks for the tip
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    Southbend 7" shaper for sale

    hi probaly late but did you sell this beautiful shaper
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    Heavy 10 for sale 40's era

    Hi is this lathe still for sale and could you email a couple pics to [email protected]
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    9a Restoration

    Wow what a beautiful job cant wait to see the BP
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    Bridgeport Step Pulley Restoration

    Brad- wow super job so far. I'm watching close because i want to do same when I find one. Do you have a check list you used for weeding out the real dogs when you were looking. I am a novice so any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks John