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    Reis RV10-6 robot welding cell for sale

    If you have to ask you cant afford it......
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    wtb oxy propane magnetic pattern tracing cutter

    Do you mean an old victor style pantograph with a cutting torch and propane tips for it? Or a better small koike IK82, but that one is limited to smaller parts. I think IK 82 was discontinued about 3 yrs ago, I was able to buy the smaller drive wheel for mine then and was told there would be no...
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    Rigging Machines with Cushion Tire Forklift on Dirt/Gravel

    Is there anyone nearby that rents trench plates? Maybe riggers have a source for them and can bring with them?
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    Help identifying compressor pump

    Why change pulley size? The 5 horse motor should be fine at 800 rpm on compressor. Did the old motor have more HP? I have the same pump and it is driven by 3HP with a 5 1/2" pulley. It was old when I got it 25 yrs ago and it is just fine. Sometimes I wish it would pump faster, but not often do...
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    Can anyone ID this gun sight?

    I learned it as the length of belts used in a spitfire, mostly they used .303's but later were able to swap in a few .50's. Belt length was for each gun. The term was clearly made mainstream due to the belt length but it seems to predate WWII. Here is a site that mentions the term first...
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    Replacing way wipers on Big Lathe.

    A flat oil stone is probably best, be sure it IS flat, and not used for knife or chisel sharpening. A new one is best to be sure of flatness, and dont use it for anything else.
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    Avoid buckling of plate when welding circular frame?

    Try no bevel and no filler, just fusion weld it. In my experience filler seems to make more shrinkage. You may play around with joint design so the weld still has strength after blending.
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    Can anyone ID this gun sight?

    Here is one in action: One of the commentors thinks It's a Colt .50 Cal MG-52....commercial gun made in the early '30's colt vid:
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    Wait for it, ..... wait ..... wait ..... Closed due to meaningless topic title Coming soon to a meaningless title near you. ;)
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    FS - Large diameter taper reamers.

    What size pipe are you guys thinking these would be used for?
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    Hardinge model B turret???

    Pics show the distance across the ways. Nothing for height though...
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    OT: 500 megawatt compressed air power storage

    This was posted today. Looks like I better start watching CL for a boat and some life vests. The big one is coming. :o https://www.sanluisobispo.com/news/california/article270359907.html
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    Can anyone ID this gun sight?

    Very nice, you have more patience than I to look through aalll those pictures. Curious to know how much they want for one, must be a lot since they say call, when most everything else has price shown....
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    Looking for 7" dia thick wall steel tube for bearing housing

    Something I saw on Joe Pie years ago is an easy way to keep parts parallel, use it with or without soft jaws for concentricity. Call them "bolt on soft standoffs"
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    Proper bearings for a mill spindle rebuild?

    If you want to convert an old bridgeport (is it a series 1?) to CNC then just put the stock bearings in it and get to work on the cnc aspect. There will be plenty of work there. If the machine is clapped out then take one of Richard Kings rebuilding classes. That really will give you good...
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    How much weight can the e-track system in an Isuzu box truck handle?

    My brother runs a moving company and they have all sorts of things for e track. I think you will be fine if you use the cross bars to tie sideways to and secure the machine base from sliding with nailers. Most important thing will be to run a strap from the top of the machine out the door to...
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    Proper bearings for a mill spindle rebuild?

    Those both show up as bridgeport bearings, so I think your numbers are good.
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    Proper bearings for a mill spindle rebuild?

    The best way to put a more powerful engine in a VW is to to an Olds 455 out of a Toronado, They were front wheel drive so you use the whole engine transaxle assy. Years ago a local guy put one in a VW buss and would take it up the steep hill on the nearby freeway, going slow, waiting for the...
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    Tiny little pins...how would YOU make them?

    Sub it out to you?