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    Rexon mill drill quill drive disassembly

    Has anyone pulled the quill drive apart on one of these Tawainese mill drills? It’s a Rexon RDM40-MPS. Literally nothing on google. I’m trying to get the cross shaft out so I can adjust or replace the spindle bearings but am unsure how to tackle the clutch that engages the worm shaft. The worm...
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    Mauser barrel fitting

    When cutting the barrel threads, the general consensus is to make the tenon the correct length so the inner C ring and outer leading edge contact their respective surfaces at the same time, maybe a thou or two one way depending on who you speak to. HOWEVER, the barrel I’m wanting to have...
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    New member

    Not sure if this the right place, but just thought I’d do a quick hello post. I’ve just joined and hoping to increase my knowledge. I’m not a professional or even an experienced machinist. All my practical skills are self taught or picked up on the job. I’m a farm manager with a mechanical...