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  1. prime_mover

    Grease discontinued. Switching way lube to oil?

    I almost forgot I was cycling it that frequently to ensure that the bubble in the grease line was moving. That's the line that seemed clogged upon inspection.
  2. prime_mover

    More new Haas issues.....

    I'll take you up on that bet, and bet they built it so that it self destructs.
  3. prime_mover

    2 New Haas Machines and ???

    My coolant recommendation would be to use a "full synthetic," or other totally bio-hard coolant, to avoid ever having the sump go foul. You really can't have your coolant go foul in your situation. It's a tedious multi-step process to get the sump clean again, and it's probably just going to...
  4. prime_mover

    More new Haas issues.....

    It doesn't really matter what coolant you use, the galvanized covers will still corrode. And then the coating becomes a sticky gooey mess and aluminum chips weld themselves to it and the welded chips destroy the wipers pretty much immediately. The only fix, I think, is to completely remove the...
  5. prime_mover

    Grease discontinued. Switching way lube to oil?

    I also have a 2013 Haas with the red grease. I would advise changing the auto lube interval to a much smaller value than the default which is like a million hours. My machine used 1/4 of one grease canister in 6 years.... These days I go to the lube page and hit F2 every day or two to cycle the...
  6. prime_mover

    Grease discontinued. Switching way lube to oil?

    Haas is so bad at engineering that they can't design a proper grease system after decades of experience, and with all the help in the world from grease manufacturers being a phone call away, and with all of the other machines in the history of the world available as a reference. Maybe the grease...
  7. prime_mover

    What happened to the HAAS HRC roller cam rotary tables?

    None of the current models appear to be roller cam. The backlash specs are the same between all of them. Aren't roller cam rotaries zero backlash? Sankyo et al.
  8. prime_mover

    3D Printed Hose Attachment for HAAS Spindle

    Nice work. I'll suggest adding a hinge to the mounting bracket, then you won't have to bend the smaller hoses to move them for a tool change, just tilt the whole apparatus out of the way.
  9. prime_mover

    burrs when milling 304 stainless

    Usually breaking up the cut into multiple depths or multiple passes can do the trick. Even a strategy like a left hand spiral end mill coming from one side and a right hand spiral from the other is the kind of thing that could work. You might try a plunge cut on either side where the break thru...
  10. prime_mover

    burrs when milling 304 stainless

    Use drills, taps, and cutting tools designed for stainless.
  11. prime_mover

    GrabCAD Workbench end of life June 1st, 2023

    If by HD you mean usb stick. That is, unless you need to carry terabytes of data around.
  12. prime_mover

    Advice needed on buying a new or used Tormach CNC Mill

    One of the reasons people like myself bought a Haas Mini-Mill to start is because it was easy to finance and affordable enough. Plus it fit in the garage, single phase power and all that, and is capable of doing real work. Financing a new mini-mill or TM-0P or whatever through Haas is a matter...
  13. prime_mover

    Vice jaw

    What I do with tall jaws, is very lightly close the vise, then clamp it at the top with kant twist clamps. The clamps are applying the clamping force. This technique can be used with soft jaws of any height or length. If clamps don't fit well with a particular setup, you can add thru bolts to...
  14. prime_mover

    How easy is it to kill a Haas VMC spindle?

    Well I saved a grand and was up within 9 days or so. Time will tell if I made the right move.
  15. prime_mover

    Help with finish on SS

    Maybe electropolishing could help you.
  16. prime_mover

    It's time for another Mastercam rant

    Mastercam makes the software buggy on purpose so that companies will keep paying the maintenance fee to get the patches. There's no way software this expensive and with a team of professional full time software engineers could consistently be so buggy if it weren't on purpose.
  17. prime_mover

    How hard is CNC Machining?

    I learned in trade school that not everyone is cut out for it. In fact, most aren't. It was only a one year class, and out of 21 people, 11 finished, and only 3 of us had high aptitude. We were handed jobs upon finishing the program. I went to work as a prototype machinist which was quite...
  18. prime_mover

    How easy is it to kill a Haas VMC spindle?

    In regards to answering the title of the thread, my experience is that the spindles are generally pretty robust. I know of several Haas VMCs that got crashed at 100% rapid moving in the Z- direction, one of which was a VF-4, and the spindle bearings did not seem to be effected. I've seen end...
  19. prime_mover

    How easy is it to kill a Haas VMC spindle?

    That Hangsterfer 5080 sounds pretty good. What does it smell like and how strong is the smell? Does it have water separation issues? I wonder if they'd give me a bucket to try. I have to buy a new pail of coolant within the next couple of months. Been using Castrol Syntilo 9918 for years and...
  20. prime_mover

    How easy is it to kill a Haas VMC spindle?

    If I had semi-synthetic in my sump I'd try to keep it as tolerable as possible, maybe with bubblers and filters and stuff. Maybe I would succeed. But on the planet I'm from, most but not all of the shops I've worked in that used semi-synthetic coolant had some pretty cheesy sumps. At the last...