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    Any suggestions to remove stuck plunger pin in an apron?

    Looks quite rusted, so you will need to go nuclear. Ideally, drill and tap, use a puller of some kind. You will need a drill press of vertical mill to the the drilling; hand is unlikly to be successful. May need to use a carbide drill, if the pin is hard.
  2. J

    Source for used Clausing parts

    There is a Clausing-specific group: <[email protected]>
  3. J

    Help me understand, wheter this is chatter or normal operation?

    Can you use grout-in anchors in the floor, and then bolt from above? https://www.mcmaster.com/anchors/anchor-type~female-threaded/ Specifically, "Steel Adhesive-Grip Female-Threaded Anchors for Concrete".
  4. J

    I need help finding documentation or any information about this drill press. In particular, I need wiring guides and general maintenance docs. Thanks

    These German companies both have English websites, so they likely can respond to an emailed question in English. And you have nothing to lose for trying. You can likely also talk to them on the phone, perhaps needing the call to be set up in advance.
  5. J

    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    I've had rats carry a Victor trap off in the Boston area. Maybe they immigrated in from Tx, stowed away on a big truck. I screwed the trap down to a small plank, making it too awkward to carry off. I've also caught Red Squirrels in that trap, using peanut butter for bait.
  6. J

    Dentists loupe anyone using them?

    Buy two cheap readers and swap lenses, yielding one reader with the correct lens for each eye? Keep the double bad reader for its frame, should that break.
  7. J

    Dentists loupe anyone using them?

    This is key. It's hard to measure one's own IPD, but any optician or ophthalmologist can do this. Also key is to ensure that both eyes are in focus on close objects, so the eyes don't fight with one another. There should be an adjustment for each of these. If not, move on. You may also want...
  8. J

    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    Are you sure that the caliber is large enough?
  9. J

    Is this a burnt vacuum tube? Bridgeport Servo ecf series 3109

    I very much doubt that there is a vacuum tube in there, and as others have said, it would not emit smoke if it burnt out. But the photo is pretty much useless. A new photo of the cleaned unit taken with two lights flanking the camera, so one can see deep into the corners without shadows, would...
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    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    Yeah. This reminds me of the old "Ten Commandments" (Ben Hur?) epic movie, made by Sam Goldwyn I think. In the movie, filmed a scene showing a lion laying down with a lamb. Somebody interviewing Sam Goldwyn asked how this biblical miracle was achieved. He answered " by frequent replacement...
  11. J

    MSC engine lathe recommendations

    I would suggest looking at a machine of 15 years ago of a size, shape, and capability that would work for you, and try to buy some the usual items needing replacement. Especially electronic items. I would venture that this test will sharply shorten the list of candidates. I'm very fond of...
  12. J

    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    This is the kind of mousetrap I use: https://www.victorpest.com/victor-metal-pedal-mouse-trap-cm040 I don't think that it's easy to adjust the sensitivity of the fancy models.
  13. J

    OT- bait for mouse traps?

    My Baltimore farmer friends always swore by peanut butter. Mice et al in human-dominated places are pretty used to the smell of humans, so using gloves et al didn't matter. (Trapping animals in the wild is a different story.) But I did have problems with mice that could lick the bait off the...
  14. J

    Can anyone tell me what happened to this jumper cable?

    That's my guess as well, plus the bit about tannic acid from the Oak leaves being in that water.
  15. J

    sandvik metal scraper

    Aren't these intended for scraping wood?
  16. J

    sandvik metal scraper

    Make and model? Also, please enter your geographic location in your user profile such that it appears below your name at the left of postings.
  17. J

    FRL Units - Good/Better/Best ???

  18. J

    Carbon axle

    Patent is us7543895 (will expire in 2026) - use Google Patents to get a copy. It is doable, but as others have mentioned, may not be worthwhile for one unit.
  19. J

    Dorian Toolpost Parts- Wedges? Worn SD25AXA

    Well gentlemen, to summarize, if Dorian no longer has repair parts and eBay has no reasonable replacements, a change is in the cards. Do the old holders fit anything else recent from Aloris or Dorian? Or is it time to just start over?