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    Thought provoking video regarding automakers worldwide

    Who remembers the video of the old troubleshhoter guy waking round he Pontiac Fiero factory and asking workers why they let cars go by with bad fit and finish and guys said 'We have to' and old guy said 'Why not push the linestop button to get a super to come along and suggest how to get a...
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    Thought provoking video regarding automakers worldwide

    Back in '72 I worked at a British Leyland dealership that sold Minis etc. One day the Chief Exec's son came in a BRAND NEW TOYOTA COROLLA! We all had a good look and drooled over the fine machine work, chrome, gadgets. I said: 'We are in trouble'. Other workers said 'Too flashy, Toyotas won't...
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    Fast method for oiling parts?

    Fingerprints are actually grease so you need to sell to customers who have acid etched off their fingerprints. But seriously as you can't stop fingerprints how about thinking laterally and packing each part in a bit of tissue like lens and glasses tissue?
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    Looking for oil pump piston packing

    The pump is for a milling machine not the Space Station so absolute precision of fit isn't important. Orings are actually sized as bore x cross section and all can be stretched. You pump needs a ring with good stretch and the best is probably a 16 bore x 2.5 cross section which will give an o/d...
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    Chinesium steel

    Chinesium stainless steel cutlery goes a dull colour after use instead of staying shiny.
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    Boeing 737 Max

    4 years...too many Commieservatives sheep in wolf's clothing in UK keep stabbing UK in the back.
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    Boeing 737 Max

    that's what Ford did with the Pinto petrol tank? Tool up for tank to fit behind rear seats and be safe in rear end bumps or use existing tank held in with long spike bolts. 4 girls died and investigation found the report that acknowledge likly deaths but cost of retooling more than cost of claims?
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    (Desperately) Need Some Advice/Help

    get a guy with a truck with a lift crane and let him do all the work and think it money well spent. But just asking: how do you propose to move it into workshope - rent some roller skates and a hoist or jus pull it into place with a come-along winch like I once watched a 15 ton plastic moulding...
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    Blast from the past - Brexit

    EU's stated aim is one country from Atlantic to Russia - or The Fourth Reich. The Third Reich only lasted 12 years while Fourth Reich has so far managed one year.
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    Trepanning on a larger scale

    I used to trepan stainless 316 valve seats 11inches diameter out of 14inch blanks. Generally OK but occasionally the tool would jam and snap. There are videos of Dutch guy trepanning bowls out of huge chunks of wood with a weird curving tool setup and the wood was held by a threaded hole about...
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    OT: Old Iron - Euclid Dump Truck

    Continental multifuel engines.