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    an odd question about lathe TPI

    yes i have a 2 tpi leadscrew on smith barker and willson
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    Just had way too close of call on the DP

    scares me when i see you tubers drill something and hold it by hand
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    Indian lathe build

    very interesting. here in Australia i think we got too greedy with wages and lost all of our lathe , mill etc. manufacturing. we used to make everything but now we import everything!( very clever).China and India are going ahead , but how good the product is ? i don't know. I still have and use...
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    sealed VS open ball bearing inside an engine?

    well .......did you go to bed???
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    Multi Start Threading on Manual Lathe Question

    does he mean 4 tpi on the lathe leadscrew??
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    Happy new year

    happy new year mate
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    milling machine bearings

    i think you may be half right ,, i spoke to an oil supplier and he said hydraulic oil may be what we need cheers
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    milling machine bearings

    just a bit of an update the mill gearbox does have magnets in the sump
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    milling machine bearings

    latest update is the bearing supplier and the oil people are hunting up something closer to the 30 you mentioned cheers
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    help with Macson lathe info australia.

    hi thirsty1,, i also have an old and large Macson from the 50s? and don't have any trouble with it.i have disassembled my clutch once but is it the same as yours ?? i don't know. mine is a 3 phase machine and i think the bed is 60 inches long. to adjust the clutch it is done through the top...
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    milling machine bearings

    using the tranny oil and see how it goes,,, and thank you for the help.
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    milling machine bearings

    thanks for answering ,,mine has no pump just a paddle that spins on the end of the lower shaft so i am sticking with the tranny oil.
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    milling machine bearings

    thanks for the reply,, no information tag on the machine , makes it hard. i am using the auto oil and see how it goes
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    milling machine bearings

    hi all i am looking for advice on lube for new bearings. some history first .the milling machine is Italian made NOVAR. when i purchased it the machine did have noisy bearings so i changed the sludge (oil) and used auto trans fluid (ep oil- extreme pressure) and it has been good for a few...
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    smith barker and willson

    okay i give up. seems nobody can answer my question.
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    Anyone ever watch these "machinists"?

    who needs a hacksaw, parting tool or grinder when you can do that!
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    A curious tiny tool

    not a clue , but welcome aboard from another aussie!
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    smith barker and willson

    just an update on a long saga,1915 ? SBW on the headstock of the lathe,, sticking out the end is a approx 4 inch long brass cylinder that is mounted up against a thrust bearing ( ball type) and yet it can spin freely from the headstock.i have never known what it is for and can only guess maybe...
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    Lathe Identification ( New Zealand)

    looks like a good find ,,enjoy.