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“Invalid tool pos”. Fryer et18 lathe.


Apr 1, 2023
Hey guys, I’ve been getting this message and I cannot figure out what’s going on. I finished up work one night after it finished a part, shut the machine down, came back a couple of days later, load a fresh part, go to execute the program and all of a sudden it doesn’t like the tool position. what It is referring to is the cutting edge position that is selected not the physical location of the turret. It knows where the turret is because I can tell I to go to whatever tool and it does. I have unloaded the turret in the program and deleted all the tools then went back through and set them all back up and I still get the same message. If i select a cutting edge as if the turret was on the opposite side of the machine, it will accept that and allow me to run a simulation, but in the simulation the tool runs in from the chuck side of the machine. I’m the only machinist so in theory no one else should have messed with the machine but I can’t rule that out with certainty. It’s almost as if the machine all of a sudden thinks its home positions are flipped around but when going through all the settings everything looks ok, even when measuring tools, the coordinates look correct. I know this isn’t a popular machine but figured I’d ask here before contacting fryer. Oh yea , this is a Siemens 828 (I think) controller