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.014" slitting saw feed in SS

I'm using High sulfur black oil, chips are similar to what I have in my band saw, very small particles.I see no build up. Kerf on the OD is very small but inside is very large yet very fine whiskers. However that being said the first 3 cutters worked great at 47 RPM .5"/min feed rate .070 depth of cut total 2 in cuts .140". I measured the best I can with a digital caliper the flute depth of one of the 72 teeth, it's about .078". To avoid dragging on the cut during the return I drop the table so cutter is not in the slot.
If the teeth aren't burned then rpm and chip evacuation is plausible. you sure the kerf isn't wandering or angled? If the 1st pass ends up angled it flexes the cutter even more as kerf depth increases. I go light on doc and sfm the first couple passes to maximize the chance of a straight kerf perpindicular to the arbor, then go for more doc etc on the later ones.
I called Malco Saw the maker of the cutters. They recommended a finer tooth saw.being the material I'm cutting has a wall thickness of .100 and tooth spacing of the cutter is .120. I'm thinking that might explain why cutter broke in the middle of the Arbor! I'll try 110 tooth cutters.