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0t--modifying vintage crankshaft


Sep 12, 2013
WA - Washington
so this post seeks input from the experienced regarding vintage aero/automotive crankshaft modifications--
possibly using Deckel tools
i just viewed video of Ivan Dutton referencing popping two dowel holes in WW1 vintage Hall Scott gas engine crank flange--
is this really a good idea?
in 1962 an acquanticie was modifying International Harvester tractor engines --2300 top end rpm--to spin 10,000 rpm for
use in dirt track competition at the Peach Bowl--Atlanta--his theory was precision balancing of all components was all needed
I never perused that level of engine modification when one of his cranks disintegrated taking the drivers right foot

Hall Scott was a premier gas powered unit in its day--but drilling more holes in 100 year old crank mounted in vintage Bugatti frame
seems to push the boundaries--