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1.1mm slot, how to smooth, deburr, edge break?


Oct 14, 2023
Anyone have any bright ideas for mass processing small 7075 16ga sheet parts with a 1.1mmx28mm slot in them? They are cut on a waterjet and have burrs, sharp edges, and some chunky striations. Vibratory tumbling worked perfect for all outer edges, but the slots were untouched.

I’m hoping to avoid hand processing. Will a 1mm round ceramic media get into the slot enough to clean up the internal wall and edge break the slot? Am I stuck flossing it with emery cloth?

Will media blast tumbling remove enough material, or be consistent enough? I’m lost.

Thank you for reading!
I don't have a guaranteed success story for you. Deburring the slot edges will be much easier to accomplish than cleaning up the inside walls of the slots.

You might consider some other abrasive media shapes. Angle cut cylinders, cylindrical wedges, or triangular prisms, if you can get them in small sizes. I am thinking these could be better than spheres for this application. While they won't enter the slot entirely, I think you'd get better action on the slot edges.

What size, shape and type of media are you using now in the vibratory tumbler?