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10-32 O-Ring Boss specs


Jan 11, 2007
Central Jersey
Either I'm loosing my mind, or my Google-Fu is way off... Why can't I find specs for a 10-32 ORB port? I can find 10-32, and 1/4-28 fittings, but the J1926 specs I keep finding only go down to the -2 fittings (5/16-24). As far as I can find the 10-32 is -0, and the 1/4-28 is -1...
So, either there isn't really a -0 and -1 in the ORB specs, and I should be looking for some other spec, or they're just an older possibly obsolete version and I'm not finding it...
This is for a real low volume project in R&D here. The fittings are readily available through McMaster, and the larger -2 fittings don't go down to the needed barbed tube sizes we need, not to mention I'd be running out of material to squeeze them in.
Thoughts? TIA
Good start.... No, I had not tried Everyspec. Thanks for that pointer. So far I've found the 1/4-28, which I could work with if I can't find the 10-32...

McMaster has the generic spec, but not the details on how to machine the port.
Well, I'm not specifically looking at Clippard, solely based on the fittings I have in hand are stainless, and Clippard only lists brass for their 10-32 pieces, and sadly I can't use brass in this application. Certainly looks like a catalog I will hang on to though. Might be good enough in terms of port spec if I can tease that out of their paperwork.
So you are looking for 10-32 hose barbs in stainless. All the clippard fittings are designed to use thin rubber gaskets, although I tend to countersink the 10-32 holes generously, and then use teflon tape, rolled into a thin rope, to go around the fitting before tightening it down.
Yep, in this case it's a McMaster part. They're calling it an ORB in the description. Does it meet an ORB spec? Don't know...
If I can't find the correct spec, I'll just make something up based on the spec from the -2 just scaled down a little.