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14 inch S.Bend drill press for sale.

Not sure what year, runs very quiet and true. Has the original tilt plate under the phenolic work surface. Not sure if that is a factory rolling stand but is very well built. Tag reads 14 F2 , catalog no. 400-f. $400. Grand Rapids Mich. Can send photos by email. Website won't accept my photos, too large.
Pictures would help a lot.
There were two models, the later one being the more desirable.
There were several options, some of which are worth almost as much as the drill press.
I could use 1000 words to describe the these, but one picture is worth that.
Show pictures of the table, so people can see the condition. If there is something attached to the table, remove it so that they can see the actual cast iron surface.
Take a picture of the plate on the motor so people can see the voltage and hp.
The more you describe, the better your chances of selling.
Like Stephen Thomas said "That could be a $40 drill press or it could actually be a $400 or maybe a little more".
If it's in good condition, has the belt cover, the slow-speed attachment and the table raising crank, you'll have guys knocking each over to get it at that price.