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1928 Series O 9 Inch Up and Running

Bob Leistner

Feb 3, 2010
I decided to start another post to mention what I had to do to get my lathe back together. The twin reverse idler bolt that I broke was repaired. I was able to drill and tap it from the rear to #10-32x3/4". It is not under any pressure, it just has to hold it into the hole, so I took the easy way out. I put it back together with a 6 rib automotive belt Made by Gates, Micro V K060445.I adjusted it to have about 5/8" play,with that I have slippage if the chuck is blocked.It is alot better than the belt I bought and installed originally. That is the best fitting belt for these lathes with the overhead Silent Drive setup. Trying to use as many key words as possible for the next person looking for this info. I had to reshim the legs three weeks in a row to get it to finally stay at under .001" doing the two collar test.Using the method suggested in the Ilion Renovating Guide to determine bed wear, I'm coming up with >.007". I have a receipt for this lathe having been sent back to SB in 1948 for a rebuild. Some time shortly after that it made its' way to a local school district and was there until the nineties. My old neighbor brought it home when they closed the shop and it sat at his place until I bought it recently. Now I tore it down cleaned it out, replaced all the worn parts including the half nuts so it should be good for a long time into the future. The halfnuts, I think, were being used in place of the clutch because it was full if chips and crud and did not work when I took it apart. It looked like someone used a blogun to clean the lathe after every use.
very cool! Any pics? You don't see many silent overhead drives around. My '29 R came with one, but by the time I got it the countershaft and a few other important pieces (motor plate?) had parted ways with the lathe.

My wear is in a similar ball park to yours - I can fit a 0.005" feeler gauge under a straightedge held against the front V near the chuck. Still a fabulous lathe to use though!
Thank you, I will remove the rest of the green on the tailstock and the motor assembly.I wanted to get it together and make sure it wasn't a waste of time.It's not.