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1953 American Pacemaker 14 x 30 - New to me

I'm new to metal working but like my old iron woodworking machines so well I started finding metal machines too heavy for most to deal with. The Pacemaker certainly qualifies. When you get used to how that stuff is built, it is hard to be satisfied with new. Dave
My lathe came with a Sjogren 2J speed chuck, two face plates and a nice four jaw chuck. I want a 3 jaw for day to day stuff where I don't need to spend the time dialing in a 4 jaw. I hastily ordered an inexpensive import from CME Tools. I've had good luck with the CAT40 tooling I've ordered from them for my mill. It was only $200, so not a huge deal if the chuck is a POS.

I have read a ton of threads online about chuck size and so on. I feel like most of what I'm going to be doing is somewhat small in diameter. If I need bigger capacity, I have the 4 jaw. So, I was thinking of a Bison 10" 3 jaw after some discussion in another thread. It's a direct mount. Waiting to hear back on a shipping quote.

I'm interested in input on the 3 jaw chuck purchase. New chucks are spendy and I'm not seeing much used that's in good shape.
I'm interested in input on the 3 jaw chuck purchase. New chucks are spendy and I'm not seeing much used that's in good shape.

Regardless of how much - you will hate it if its not the "adjust true" design

My "work envelope" must of been larger. When starting out with the CW 16 X 102 Monarch 20 odd years ago,, I bought two new China Chushman, 12", one four jaw and one three jaw

The four jaw has never been off and the three jaw is still untouched, sitting on the floor

I had a good flat back 8" three jaw I turned into an "adjust true" for the Dividing Head on the mill

Shop Built "Adjust True"

Have fun
Received the $200 CME Tools 8” 3 jaw chuck. It will get me going. I’ll use it for a while and see how it works out, with the plan to replace with a Bison at some point. I appreciate all of the advice!

Nice machine. 3 jaws are ok if you're turning the part in 1 op. Otherwise they suck. That said, I do not have an adjust-tru on any of my machines.
By suck, I mean you're gonna have some whip (run out) on a shaft if you have to flip and re chuck to work both ends. (I do have very high end swedish 3 jaws on my machines) but for smaller diameter shafts (1 3/8 and below), two op work, my jacobs flex collet setup is WAYYYYYYYYY more repeatable. That aside, dialing in a 4 jaw is fun when you know how.

I'll be bringing home a larger version of your machine by the end of the week. Let's compare notes.

edit: I'm not gonna lie. Short length, non critical work (+ or - 5 thou) type of turning? Yeah, 3 jaw it is. I'll hop straight on over to the prentice bros. machine. I very rarely swap out the 3 jaw on it.