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1954 Hardinge lathe Model HLV-B

Jun 23, 2023
Good day everyone,

I have a Hardinge HLV-B Lathe with a 5in dove-tail bed in my shop. The stamp on the headstock says HLV-B 449-3. This machine works beautifully, and I have most of the original tooling, and attachments. I use this lathe regularly for various jobs and it still runs relatively true +/- .0005in while turning OD, and ID. The problem is years ago the power feed assembly was sent out for a rebuild by the previous boss and never returned. Contact has been lost so I'm afraid this part is gone. I have taken over the shop and would like to be able to use the power feed. Hand turning is fine, but it would be nice to have the auto feed. I was in direct contact with Hardinge, and they no longer have the ability to make the part, and they cannot source it either. I have been in contact with several rebuilding companies that specialize in the HLV models and apparently this is kind of a rare model. From what I've been told the HLV-B power feed housing is different from the HLV-H and will not work correctly with my model. Is the correct? I have searched Ebay to no avail. Facebook and Reddit groups have not been successful. I am looking for the power feed housing itself, or the entire power feed system. Part number for the housing is 7502. Any help or direction will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you all.
Pictures are below for reference.

The plug you see on the carriage where the housing attaches is just an aluminum plug with a groove cut for a rubber O-ring to keep oil from spilling out.