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1957 Model 61, help needed diagnosing quick change gearbox


Cast Iron
Feb 1, 2015
Pico Rivera
Hello, I have been on the hunt for a Monarch Series 61. I found an example with equipped with all the factory add-ons that I am looking for, but of course it's located on the opposite coast.

I asked around on OWWM and two gentlemen were willing to inspect it for me, one a machinery enthusiast and the other a retired machinist who owns a 12CK.

Overall the machine is in good shape with one issue in the electrical system, the switch had to be hot wired and held for the machine to run. I am not too worried about this issue.

The machine is equipped with the lead screw reverse, apron stops, and rapid traverse.

The headstock engaged all gears, but the lead screw and feed rod would not turn. The feeds and threads lever was jogged between the two settings as well the ABCDE levers, but no luck. I know occasionally my 10ee will get in an in between spot when I drop the lever that allows the QCGB to change speeds.

One clue is the when the QCGB knob was spun, the selector dial would not spin, but the screw in the center would. One of the gentleman tightened it, and after that the QCGB knob selector would not spin.

It's worth noting the machine has been sitting for 5+ years.

I am still very interested in this machine and just curious if anyone has run into this problem on there machine, maybe its something as simple as a sheared pin, an incorrectly clocked shift lever...

Maybe its a sheared gear.


I think the most obvious issue could be a missing or not engaged transposing gear, I wish I would have thought of that when the gents were there for the inspection.
If the lead screw reverse handle is in the neutral position the gear box is not engaged. Could be as simple as this. Did they move the lead screw reverse handle?

I have had them where the gear change dial on the front came disengaged fro the tiny gear in the back. It was a pretty simple fix. Could the feel it drop into the various gears when they disengaged and moved the chrome knob.

I am really hoping that it's something simple. Possibly something in the lead screw reverse system as neither the lead screw or feed screw would turn. If a gear in the transposing geartrain was damaged I think the machine would have made a racket when they tested it. Fingers crossed.