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1983 Hitachi Seiki HT20 lath with Fanuc 3TF - program stops at first axis move


Nov 24, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
Hi All,
Complete CNC newbie with a recently purchased HT-20 with Fanuc 3TF
I've worked my way through setting work and tool offsets and can run the machine via MDI and do simple G00 and G01 moves, run the spindle, tool change, and call G00/G01 moves with tool offset etc.

Trying to input my first simple program to emulate what I've been able to do in MDI. Just punching it in directly on the console at the moment.
I power on the machine, start the controller, zero return it, then run the program but it stops at the first axis move.

Feels like I'm missing something really basic and more than happy to wear the dunces hat just so I can move forward!

Here's the program - I'm typing it in by hand here as I don't have serial comms set up to the machine at present, and it can't handle comments anyway.
Always a chance that the code doesn't match my intention too!
I only saw the machine running in MDI mode prior to purchasing as there were no programs loaded, so haven't actually seen it successfully move under program control.

G50 X217.788 Z206.472 ; ( set work offset - T0100 is the master tool and has zero offsets)
M26 ; (retract the tailstock or the spindle won't run)
M40 ; (spindle low gear)
M03 S200 ; (run spindle at 200 rpm)
T0100 ; (tool #1 no offset)
M06 ; (tool change)
G00 X40.00 Z3.00 ; (move to safe start position)
M05 ; (stop spindle)
M30 ; (end program)

It runs through happily until it completes the tool change, then the cursor just sits flashing under the M06 ;
The green program running light is still lit up.
If I then press the reset button it skips the G00 line and shows the M05 and M30 lines. I can press the start button again and it will execute those 2 lines.
Instead of doing that if I switch to MDI mode I can execute the G00 and it moves the turret to the correct position.

Any help would be appreciated!!